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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 31 January 2011
Gregoires deplorable conduct
Topic: General politics

this Bravo Sierra story about governor Tax and $pend:


OOHHHHH, she "ordered" something. Wow, Im impressed....


My comments, which youll find insightful or inciteful as you please:

First Class Liar at work:

"Our correction system exists to end crime and violence, not to be a scene for more of it," Gregoire said."

1.) If you're going to lie, make it a good one. Be convincing, repeat it often, people start to believe it. Like Eddie Murphy said in Beverly Hills Cop - "why F up a perfectly good lie..."

2.) The so called 'criminal justice system" is PROVEN FROM FBI DATA to CAUSE REPEAT OFFENDERS.


Yeah, thats it, put the INEXPERIENCED criminals in with the PROS so they can learn better how to do crime when theyre sprung.

As I was told (ex-LEO source), FBI data puts re-offense at 94% which would be virtually ELIMINATED by stopping the WAREHOUSING and doing MEANINGFUL corrections like PUTTING THEM TO WORK.

If they were WORKING in the first place, they wouldnt have TIME FOR CRIME.

Mandatory, productive WORK, not warehousing with TV and weights and access to hardened CAREER criminals.

Heres the idea, kick a few criminal Aliens from Mexico, back to Mexico, and these folk would have jobs to truly rehabilitate them.

But, that doesnt keep the PAY TO PLAY legal system working, does it? Who makes MONEY on a 94% re-rate:

Police make money cha$ing them
Court$ make money having trial$
Jail$ make money warehou$ing them

and the GIVERNOR and LEGISLATOR make money keeping the legal ball rolling instead of STOPPING such problems.

As long as its a motive of CRIME FOR PAY on both sides, it will continue.

But Governor Tax and $pend finds a convenient $capegoat in this poor guard who got taken out.

 and this===========


"First guard to be killed in a century there. And now all of a sudden there are concerns about the "safety" of the staff there? Seriously? One isolated incident and it's a huge problem?"

EXACTLY. Thats called an "agenda"

same as stupid laws like seat belt (pay off for insurance companies) and cell phone laws. Stupid, not enforceable, not evenly enforceable laws to keep the Legi$lature busy.

[Heres whats so stupid about WAs Cell phone law. The act of holding ones hand to ones ear talking is not dangerous. Being an expert in comms systems, I can say thats no more dangerous than operating a CB radio, which they EXEMPT. Hows that more dangerous than simply holding ones hand to ones ear and talking? Is the weight of the phone a danger?

 Whats dangerous is looking at a key pad to type in PHONE NUMBERS or TEXTS.  But, did they address that???? no, because they cannot CATCH IT AND MAKE MONEY AT IT.

If the law wasnt written by IDIOTS, it would read that whats illegal, in that its dangerous, is using the keypad, which requires concentrated attention off the road, and hands off the wheel. If it wasnt written by IDIOTS, theyd realize that its the SAME DANGEROUS ACT to DIAL A NUMBER, regardless of whether its hands free or not.] 

When they have an agenda, they go looking for a single tragedy to usurp to fit their political agenda. If someones killed, so much the better, it just adds "urgency" or a sense of "she cares" to the Bravo Sierra line shes pushing.

Children do this sort of thing, think back to Grade School and recall these behaviours are something we should have outgrown in the Fifth Grade.

Liberals always run the same plays, otherwise known to Psychology and Public Speaking as:

1.) overgeneralization (if its true in one case, its true in all)
2.) ad-hominem (attacking the man, not addressing the argument)
3.) red - herring (evasive response)
4.) various manipulation games (trying to draw others into ones personal manufactured crisis is the basis of how manipulators work)

Seriously, pick up a Psych textbook and read, its all there.


Theres a sideline game going on here you may have missed!

This trash ends up on Yahoos front page and when I post reasonable responses like this, the story usually disappears.

embarassed, are we? embarassed to see the inbred STUPIDITY in this State. 



Posted by Dave at 5:09 PM PST
Sunday, 30 January 2011
Todays must-read- Al A-Jazeera- marginilization and poverty
Topic: General politics

" Conventional wisdom has it that 'terror' in the Arab world is monopolised by al-Qaeda in its various incarnations. There may be some truth in this.
However, this is a limited viewpoint. Regimes in countries like Tunisia and Algeria have been arming and training security apparatuses to fight Osama bin Laden. But they were caught unawares by the 'bin Laden within': the terror of marginalisation for the millions of educated youth who make up a large portion of the region's population.
The winds of uncertainty blowing in the Arab west - the Maghreb - threaten to blow eastwards towards the Levant as the marginalised issue the fatalistic scream of despair to be given freedom and bread or death."



 " It is no exaggeration to claim that since 9/11 so-called radicalisation has replaced new Orientalism as the prism through which Western security apparatuses view Middle Eastern youth and societies. Guantanamo Bay, profiling, extraordinary renditions, among others, are only the tip of the iceberg. "

And it KEEPS that template to keep itself relevant. If theres actively no 'boogey-man' then we either keep resurrecting the PREVIOUS ONE, or we INVENT ONE, or when suficient time has elapsed that the previous can no longer be valid, we DO IT OURSELVES. 

The last is what Ive been ranting about - GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM.

Its far too convenient, especially in an era of financial collapse when especially the un-Constitutional Administration is desperate to stay relevant and keep its shop open.

Notice these Egypt stories- this is how itll look when it happens HERE. 

Posted by Dave at 9:22 AM PST
Friday, 28 January 2011
AHTOJASO - Way too convenient
Topic: General politics

More of my Police State and Fabricated Terrorist State Rant, this time, with substantiation:


"LAUSD police officer admitted fabricating shooting story, source says


Hitler would be proud.

  LIED about being shot and oh-so-convenient, another excuse for LOCKDOWN, er, I mean, MASS FALSE ARREST.

Fabricated. Look at it this way, he was ORDERED to do it at the first or any convenient occasion.

What better way to make people AFRAID than to gin up supposed cop shootings, and further their cry for "we need more power to carry out our protection racket"???

As the saying goes- "any ol' port in the storm is a good one to sail into"

Its bleeding obvious there is no terrorist threat in or to America right now, thats ocurring in the Mid east, and they have us just where they want us, conveniently in the same location as Israel. They cant effectively carry out Fatwah against both Israel and America if WERE AT HOME, now can they?

 A manufactured crisis is just as good as a real one, when theobjective is STEALTH TAKE OVER OF AMERICA by a polic/terrorist State. Better, because with overt violence, especially against Citizens, then Citizens invoke the Right to Bear Arms and deal with it.

 But the Goal from the White House on down, with SOBamas bent on the Small Arms Treaty with the commies at the UN, is the disarmament and takeover of America.

Aint happenin at MY house, for damn sure! 



Posted by Dave at 9:29 AM PST
Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Program about Panama Canal on PBS
Topic: General politics

 Besides a fascinating program on Government greed at the expense of peoples lives (a separate rant) the story was about the Feds installing a CZAR to run the project, who ran it in a manner of "black peoples lives were insignificant, well kill them off and fire anyone who raises any questions about pay or working conditions."

It was apparently built before the League of nations confab on workers rights in 1919. 

What struck me was attempting to find a parallel between that use of CZAR and OBAMAS USE OF CZARS.

 Watch the program - you decide.

Posted by Dave at 7:56 AM PST
Is this the start?
Topic: Economy, what's left of

Posted under "Economy" although the reasons may not be obvious:


At a slight risk of credibility, Im gonna say I TOLD YOU SO. 

Posted by Dave at 7:48 AM PST
Go Jesse! Lawsuit against T&A - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS RANT
Topic: Constitutional

"Ventura filed his lawsuit Monday, January 24, 2011 in Minnesota and news reports have named David Olsen as his lawyer. The former governor has indicated that his suit will include violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 4th Amendment, arguing that he and others with disabilities have been discriminated against and unduly singled out by TSA despite presenting no threat and warranting no reason for lawful search. Further, Ventura has argued that his ability to travel freely has been infringed, hampering his ability to work."



 Individual rights, Right to freedom from unreasonable search, in this instance. Some VAGUE, INVENTED THREAT is NOT grounds for search of an individual unless cause can be shown that THAT PARTICULAR PERSON is a threat.

Random searches are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

 Same with the 2A, the Right to Bear Arms is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, thus, not subject to the restriction of 'only within the scope of an organized Militia'


Posted by Dave at 7:40 AM PST
Monday, 24 January 2011
Straw argument- criminals dont have 2A Rights
Topic: Constitutional


"Criminals have no right to posess firearms" 

 Sounds reasonable, doesnt it? It sounded reasonable to join the JONESTOWN CULT. They all died for their trouble.

I heard Jim Jones on shortwave years ago, it was CLEAR he didnt have A screw loose, they ALL were loose...

Whats wrong with this notion? Whats mainly wrong with it is that its fronted by so called "gun advocates" who didnt learn anything from recent history.

Cases in point:

1.) there was a report on the Polk Co, Florida S.D. website  of an ex con (or current con, dont recall exactly) whose house was broken in by another criminal. Apparently he (the first con) had no way to defend himself. Shouldnt he be exercising HIS UNRESTRICTED RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS? The words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED HAVE NO QUALIFIERS.

Who needs to protect themselves MORE than ex criminals? Or current criminals? AGAINST OTHER CRIMINALS.

2.) You think its OK to deprive people called "criminals" of their Right to Bear Arms?


thats what happened in Castros Cuba, and EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN NEW ORLEANS during KATRINA.

Declare Martial Law, declare ANYONE bearing arms as Criminals.

And thats EXACTLY what many States Laws hold.

 This is the problem with the twin ailments of the Stockholm Syndrome and ingrouping/outgrouping. Look those terms up. 

Posted by Dave at 10:13 AM PST
Updated: Monday, 24 January 2011 10:28 AM PST
THIS is terrorism...
Topic: General politics

take a look at THIS:


Ignore the divisive, subversive, manipulative, fearmongering ranting of the US Government attempting to INVENT a terrorist threat in the US (that doesnt mean that none exists, read carefully).

When you see THIS happening, youll KNOW without a doubt that its 'terrorist time'

One can only cry "wolf" so many times... 

This from Time, for your consideration

 When its "Muslim militants" wreaking havoc in the US, BELIEVE ME, YOULL KNOW IT.

Until then, its the Gubmint carrying out its protection racket to keep itself in a job by making people afraid. 

 If I dont catch a cold, then medicine is not protecting me. If theres no terrorist threat, then Givernment is not protecting us.

I have zero faith in their abilities to do so IF and WHEN it does happen, as self centered, incompetent and ass covering as Gubmint Agencies are. Katrina, anyone? 



Posted by Dave at 10:03 AM PST
Sunday, 23 January 2011
Next time they pull that nonsense...
Topic: Constitutional

"Citizens should only have single shot firearms for hunting"

"Theres no reason a Citizen needs a high capacity firearm"

 Heres the reply:

"State your reason for only allowing Citizens, with the Constitutionally protected Right to Bear Arms, using the Constitutionally protected Right to Free Speech, and further, explain how your position does not constitute either Subversion or Treason against the United States of America.

You only get to use ONE WORD to reply" 


Posted by Dave at 3:52 PM PST
Topic: General politics
My Email to Doc Hastings on the UN:


The World from The Hill: U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans
By Bridget Johnson - 01/23/11 05:22 PM ET

A key House Republican is quickly pressing forward with her goals to scale back U.S. funding for the United Nations.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a key function of the panel, particularly funding to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) that is "a waste of taxpayer dollars."

"I'd like to make sure that we once and for all kill all U.S. funding for that beast," she said last month. "Because I don't think that it advances U.S. interests, I don't think that that's a pro-democracy group, it's a rogue's gallery, pariah states, they belong there because they don't want to be sanctioned."


The UN evolved from the League of Nations which was a great idea, but powerless to do anything about its decrees without agreed cooperation.

In the late 1940s, America screwed up badly and joined the UN and WORSE, gave control of its military over to the UN. Marshall was right, but the Senate ignored him, limited invervention WAS the way.

Russia got its nose out of joint and wanted to run the show, and its been down-hill ever since.

Source= declassified docs at the Yale U Avalon Project (on-line archive, fascinating reading)

I for one am SICK and TIRED of hearing of our CITIZENS getting killed in UN CONFLICTS.


Posted by Dave at 3:36 PM PST
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Slippery slope crossed- constitutional problem
Topic: Constitutional


  The "slippery slope" is often (rightly) cast as delusional, in this case, its accurate-

  Here's where the false idea that the Constitution grants rights goes right to hell - when its cast as 'government can assign rights'

  Appears they are... giving rights to one party at the expense of the rights of others IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

   There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the US Constitution (or the WA Constitution for that matter) that :

1.) grants rights

2.) grants rights to one group at the expense of others rights


  There's nothing wrong with Target "reassigning" Muslim workers because clear      (and clearly stated, previously evidenced) religious beliefs, its called "reasonable accomodation" and they are required, BY LAW, to do so where it does not cause material harm to the business operation.

  But, thats not the point. Thats PRIVATE. That has no effect on the Customer.

  Where the 'slippery slope' is crossed - the threshold of disaster is reached, is when Government, which is controlled under EEO laws (and employers who are controlled, or are supposed to be under incorporation laws) are forbidden from discriminating based on race, gender, ethnicity...tries to CONTROL CITIZENS WITH IT.

  Where that WENT wrong (not going, but WENT) is when people started accepting such conditions they observe at WORK, as an Employee,  in their lives as Private Citizens, WHERE IT HAS NO HOLD.

  Slippery slope - laws on rentals. Illegal to rent based on ethnic discrimination. Illegal to do business with ones own property with whomever you do or dont want to deal with??


Posted by Dave at 6:31 PM PST
Topic: Economy, what's left of

HEEEEEERRR IT IS. The economic story ive been waiting for. The setup...

" BOSTON (AP) -- Investors are finally inching back into the stock market. But are they too late?

While millions sought refuge in traditionally stable bonds over the past two years, they missed a more than 90 percent rally in stocks. Suddenly bonds don't look so safe, and some of the $11 trillion that Americans have parked in mutual funds is shifting back to stocks."



  For the SCREWING you are about to receive, may you be truly thankful... 

  My previous prediction, Dow 14K-ish. Why 14k? Simple. Individual (and others) investors have hesitated getting in for the risk of another drop. The big guys that ran it up in '07 took it to 12K-ish and dumped it. It pays NOTHING to use their own money to pump it back up, only to dump it, they end up screwing each other over, and that aint how the game works.

 They ALL win when you all get screwed.

  Yes, bonds SUCK big time. Security in lending MONEY TO BANKRUPT ENTITIES???


  Yes, I suppose theres a crap load of cash heading for Wall St and that money - in is JUST WHAT THEY'RE WAITING FOR.

  Pump the Dow up to 14K or so and claim "recovery" just long enough for fools to buy into the scam - AND THEN CRASH IT AGAIN. They now know how much suckers money they can get out of it - 11T.

  Is that worth their time? M'thinks so! Wont be MY money they get! 


Posted by Dave at 5:18 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 January 2011 10:39 PM PST
WA SB5124 - vote early, VOTE OFTEN
Topic: WA Illegal

The WA Legislature, in all their illiteracy, are pushing a "vote often" bill which specifically provides for voting twice, and inventing some connection with the "Help America Vote Act" (PL 107-252) that does not exist with regards to reasons for not being registered.

Read SB5124 at:


READ THE BILL. DONT take ANYONES word for whats in it, especially in a place like WA State where illiteracy is RAMPANT.

Then look at PL 107-252 at:


 Here are my notes as a guide:


in re 5124/2011:

* Sect. 34 (2), p 24 should read "and under the control of the Auditor..."

*in re "voting center", line 8, p. 27 "employer card" is troubling, whats that got to do with a State run voting system? Since when is an employer a LEGAL AUTHORITY? This may allow illegals to vote.

*Sect 43, line 22, should indicate under whose control. Too vague. Secure with the County/State or secure in a box at the nearest auto parts store?

*Sect 47, p. 35, lines 11-14, vague, unenforceable, permits fraud. Who determines, and by what standard is determined that "handwriting is the same?" Someone with handwriting analysis experise or someone OPINION? Not valid. If Voter cannot figure out what his OWN NAME is and how to SIGN IT, he is incompetent. Too much room for fraud here.
Sec. 1, p.3, lines 7 and 8 - misleading, false. PL 107-252 does not establish 'reasons why not registered' as falsely indicated in these lines. It refers to simply 'not being registered' (Title III Sec. 302 at http://www.fec.gov/hava/law_ext.txt ) The Federal Code only related to a missing entry on the voter rolls, NOT ELIGIBILITY FOR PEOPLE TO VOTE TWICE as stated in WA SB5124

"12 (b) There is an indication in the ((poll book that the voter has (13) requested an absentee ballot, but the voter wishes to vote at the (14) polling place)) voter registration system that the voter has already (15) voted in that primary, special election, or general election, but  the (16) voter wishes to vote again;

& read Sec 36, p 27 (12), provides for check against voting twice but what WHEN that CHECK DOESNT HAPPEN???? Is there any MEANINGFUL PENALTY against the resulting VOTE FRAUD?? It wont happen in THIS STATE!!!!


This bill is is simple, it provides for Mexican voting, undocumented, vote twice, just conveniently FORGET to remove their vote after its cast.. Allow them to vote twice, or be unable to produce ID, vote anyway and promise to catch it later (which wont happen, Sect 36, p. 27 lines 9-12).

Posted by Dave at 11:08 AM PST
Gun case in NJ
Topic: Second-Amendment

Ben says:

This was posted today on Fox news.  Gonna be interesting to see what the Supreme court does.  Even if he wins, he probably won’t see a dime from the state.  They owe me for back taxes they wrongfully collected, and when I ask them to pay, they just laugh.  Apparently the line for reimbursement of any kind is as long as the one in NYC.  Maybe with some high priced attorneys on his side, they might be able to squeeze the state right away.  But then if I was him I wouldn’t step foot in New Jersey again, or he might never see the light of day again if they catch him, for anything.  The boys in Jersey know how to make bodies disappear."


Traveling Man's Gun Arrest Appealed to Supreme Court

Published January 18, 2011

| Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- Missed flights only inconvenience most people. A late flight landed Utah gun owner Greg Revell in jail for 10 days after he got stranded in New Jersey with an unloaded firearm he had legally checked with his luggage in Salt Lake City.

The Supreme Court could decide Tuesday whether to consider letting Revell sue Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police for arresting him on illegal possession of a firearm in New Jersey and for not returning his gun and ammunition to him for more than three years.

Lower courts have thrown out his lawsuit

Revell was flying from Salt Lake City to Allentown, Pa., on March 31, 2005, with connections in Minneapolis and Newark, N.J. He had checked his Utah-licensed gun and ammunition with his luggage in Salt Lake City and asked airport officials to deliver them both with his luggage in Allentown.

But the flight from Minneapolis to Newark was late, so Revell missed his connection to Allentown. The airline wanted to bus its passengers to Allentown, but Revell realized that his luggage had not made it onto the bus and got off. After finding his luggage had been given a final destination of Newark by mistake, Revell missed the bus. He collected his luggage, including his gun and ammunition, and decided to wait in a nearby hotel with his stuff until the next flight in the morning.

When Revell tried to check in for the morning flight, he again informed the airline officials about his gun and ammunition to have them checked through to Allentown. He was reported to the TSA, and then arrested by Port Authority police for having a gun in New Jersey without a New Jersey license.

He spent 10 days in several different jails before posting bail. Police dropped the charges a few months later. But his gun and ammunition were not returned to him until 2008.

Revell said he should not have been arrested because federal law allows licensed gun owners to take their weapons through any state as long as they are unloaded and not readily accessible to people. He said it was not his fault the airline stranded him in New Jersey by making him miss his flight and routing his luggage to the wrong destination.

Prosecutors said it doesn't matter whose fault it was: Revell was arrested in New Jersey with a readily accessible gun in his possession without a New Jersey license.

Lower courts have sympathized with Revell but refused to let him sue the police.

"We recognize that he had been placed in a difficult situation through no fault of his own," wrote Judge Kent A. Jordan of the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. However, the law "clearly requires the traveler to part ways with his weapon and ammunition during travel; it does not address this type of interrupted journey or what the traveler is to do in this situation."

The case is Revell v. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, 10-236

 Dave says:

CLASS 1 BULLSHIT ALERT; Read the BOLD above again. If it does not address it, THEN THE LAW HAS NO HOLD ON IT. If the law says "no parking on Sunday" then what about MONDAY??

 Is the law for SPEEDING enforceable against someone PARKED along the road???

Do they think that were all THAT STUPID???? See the AD HOMINEM attack here - see the Spanish Inquisition - falsely accuse hiim then make him prove it, then cover up in the process. Refusing to allow him to sue for FALSE ARREST???


And now, for the CRITICAL OBSERVATION: Since when does UTAH "LICENSE GUNS" Ive READ UT LAW, I dont recall such thing as "licensing guns"

CONcealed PERMIT, maybe, (with the emphasis on "CON) as grossly UNCONSTITUTIONAL as that prohibition on the Right to Bear Arms is... 

Posted by Dave at 10:52 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 January 2011 11:17 AM PST
Friday, 14 January 2011
FBI harassing Blogger on the behalf of a SO CALLED TEA PARTY CANDIDATE
Topic: Constitutional

 “This could be a knee-jerk reaction to the Tucson situation,” he said. “If you satisfy them you’re not a threat—they won’t be back.”"

1.) Could have been my ass. "Threats" as seen by a CREDIBLE LEO agency are based on CREDIBLE DATA, not OPINION or CLEAR RETALIATION as it the case here. If there was clear evidence, then go bust said Blogger, if not, leave him alone.

COULD HAVE BEEN IS NOT A VALID LEGAL STANDARD. It "could have been" is vague and subjective. "Could have been based on what evidence that would warrant a warrant?

But that doesnt play into the manipulation and GOVT TERRORISM game. "Terrorism" is not primarily about "killing people" its "making people afraid"

2.) if YOU satisfy them" is how the Spanish Inquisition worked. Make a false claim and make the VICTIM PROVE IT.

"“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation."

Say WHAT? Citizen has to go to the local SD to tell them the FEDS ARE IN HIS COUNTY? "The SHERIFF is behind this", is how it looks from here.

The problem is that while the Govt wastes time harassing Citizens, Al Qaida gets to see what a bunch of Keystone Cops they are, learn their methods, weakenesses, learn how to EXPLOIT the system. When it does come time for a REAL Islamic attack, these clowns wont know what to do but start the Clown Car and toot the horn in VAIN.

 Part of this is to stay RELEVANT. There are no credible threats, so they have to INVENT them.



Local blogger claiming FBI intimidation

Local blogger Clay Bowler said newly-elected 7th District Rep. Billy Long has tried to silence him before. And, after the FBI paid him a visit at his Ozark home Jan. 12, he thinks he’s trying to do it again.

“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation.

Bowler writes the Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom blog and said he’s been critical of Long since his candidacy for Congress. Bowler is also the author of the Long is Wrong blog that’s been gone since Long won the general election in November.

“I’ve poked fun at Billy,” Bowler said. “Part of it was satire—exposing Billy as not being a real Tea Party candidate.”

Bowler said Long even offered him a job on his campaign if he would give up his critical blogging.

Bowler was accompanied to the Sheriff’s Department by Michael Wardell, Nixa, who was also on the Republican primary ticket. Wardell said he just wanted to support his friend in what he believes to be intimidation.

“Clay is a friend,” he said. “This almost smacks of an overreach of power.”

Kyle said he was unaware that an FBI agent, along with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, paid a 30-minute visit to Bowler, but cautioned against an overreaction.

“This could be a knee-jerk reaction to the Tucson situation,” he said. “If you satisfy them you’re not a threat—they won’t be back.”


Posted by Dave at 10:00 AM PST

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