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Dave's 2A Blog
Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Tri Cities media complicit
Topic: WA media anti 2A bias

Did you expect anything else? I did. Hope springs eternal.

 Tri Cities is a home for young and hopeful up-and-coming journalists. Odd tidbit of the day.

  It's no secret there is a general, Nationwide bias against 2A in America, the very Country and Constitution that gives them the 1A right to speak out and, with few exceptions, to say anything except shout "Fire" in a crowded theater.

 Let me start this Rant with a couple Kudos to the Tri Cities Herald newspaper who did run, and has kept up, two stories on our efforts to straighten Richland out. 

It seems that the TV and radio stations didn't have the spare electricity to cover it. 

 I don't recall if the Herald contacted me, or vice versa, but contact we did. A nice young lady met me with a photographer at the Illegal Sign at Howard Amon Park and we and Bob talked for a while. The stories they ran afterwards are linked on the front page here:


Along with the other REICHland documents.

  Critical analyses of the stories, however, reveal some problems. There's a serious lack of critical analysis and fact-checking in both stories. Both simply report what "he said, she said" without verification and with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done to verify what the Law is in the matter, and DON'T tell me that a Reporter can't drop into an Attorneys office and ask for some general advice. Or read the law for themselves and ask critical questions.

This is not, hopefully, a matter of inexperience, because if so, it evidences  failure to seek out someone with more experience.

  I know the Herald reporter in the first story at least tried to do some follow-up, some checking into what the Ordinance said, but I haven't heard anything further. My guess is that her inquiries weren't popular with Herald Management.

  The second Herald article is simple printing what the various City Employees responded with, and its mainly a pack of lies and misrepresentations which, OF COURSE, I challenged. Here's where the Herald earns its poor marks for news reporting.

  I responded on-line after Drews article and called out the false information and rebutted it. I challenged him and the covering and going into hiding was immediate, both from him and Herald Management. The response was more false information.


Re: Re TCH article on gun ban signs

My [Drew] response: There is an ordinance. It’s 9.22.070(C), and it’s language was modified in February 2009 by the Richland City Council."

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL SAYS THERE IS NO ORDINANCE, regardles of whether Richland pretends its still valid. The portions about firearms were REPEALED by authority of the Legislature.

Just because its in print does not mean it has not been repealed? Do yuo believe everything you read?

" My response: If Washington’s Constitution deems this to be an open-carry state, than it is a constitutional right."

Apparently you have never READ the Constitution. Heres the Second amendment, point out the words that ALLOW Citizens to bear arms:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There are NO words there that "allow" Citizens to do ANYTHING. they PROHIBIT government from infringing.

POint out to me where that gives Rights to anyone. Dave

PS tell your management their participation in the cover up is being documented. Itll go on the website shortly.

    1. “The ad-hominem attack is not acceptable:

    "wanted to make sure similar allegations couldn't be lobbed at the county"

    "lobbing allegations" is a personal attack, the issue is local Governments breaking the law.”

    My response: Whether or not this is acceptable is debatable. It seems to me the county saw an issue come up in another jurisdiction and wanted to make sure they were in compliance. Whether that’s acceptable is one thing, but it’s not a “false statement.” It’s what Adam said and it’s a representation of what he meant. The “allegations” portion seems to nitpicking semantics more than pointing out a “false statement.” Technically, if someone says you are violating their constitutional rights, that is an allegation until a judge makes a ruling. Then it becomes “breaking a law.”

    2. "city's ordinance regarding firearms in parks was modified "

    “There is no Ordinance, it was REPEALED by RCW.”

    My response: There is an ordinance. It’s 9.22.070(C), and it’s language was modified in February 2009 by the Richland City Council.

    3. "Rick Terway, Pasco... said ... unsure if firearms could be carried in plain view."

    “His ignorance is no substitute for the Constitutions prohibition on Pascos infringement of Peoples Rights. Neither he nor Pasco may restrict it. Dave Campbell, Richland WA”

    My response: Again, this is not false information. He wasn’t sure, so I wasn’t going to put words in his mouth. False information would have been him giving a definitive answer that was incorrect.

    4. "Fyall said three Benton County parks -- Horn Rapids, Two Rivers and Hover -- have signs addressing firearms, and all say it's unlawful to discharge them."

    “RCW makes no such limitation, there is limitation on "discharge likely to cause harm/damage" but NO such blanket restriction applies.” 

    My response: I think another online poster, tcindependent, cleared this up nicely.

    5. ""I don't think someone that had the same intentions (as the men in Richland) could say we were violating their constitutional rights,""

    “Bearing arms is not a Constitutional right, the COnstitution FORBIDS goverment from restricting that right. The Right is from the Declaration of independence/Bill of rights”

    My response: If Washington’s Constitution deems this to be an open-carry state, than it is a constitutional right. It’s also a constitutional right on the national level. The Second Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, is an amendment to the Constitution.



I offered to take him and Terway to lunch at TAGARIS and lecture them on Constitution and Citizens Rights. Apparently ignorance is bliss:



On Wed, 12/9/09, Drew Foster <dfoster@tricityherald.com> wrote:

    From: Drew Foster <dfoster@tricityherald.com>
    Subject: Re: Re TCH article on gun ban signs
    To: "Dave" <gl1200harness@yahoo.com>
    Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 2:22 PM


    I spoke to one of my editors and I think I’m going to have to respectfully decline your lunch invitation. I’m going to put together a correction about open carry in Washington being a matter of the state Constitution, not state statute. Thank you for pointing that out. Besides that however, I’m not sure the “false statements” you pointed out in the online posts are necessarily true. I’ve laid them out below. Please don’t take them the wrong way.

    - Drew



 Seems we cant handle a little correction, especially when said corrections destroys our politically biased thinking.


Re: Re TCH article on gun ban signs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 3:42 PM

"Dave" <gl1200harness@yahoo.com>
Re: Re TCH article on gun ban signs What cover up? Aren’t we reporting the issue? I said I’d run a correction as well. That seems pretty far from a cover up.

The Second Amendment, by prohibiting the government from infringing on people’s right to bear arms, allows the practice. It was worded that way to hold up to challenges. No matter how it’s written, it means the same thing. It’s a moot point to even argue.

- Drew
And NOW he gets it right? Tagaris wasn't good enough, or being corrected of our gross error wasnt acceptable?

Re: Re TCH article on gun ban signs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 5:50 PM
"Drew Foster" <dfoster@tricityherald.com>
you got it right that time. thanks. son, God gives us our rights, not paper or politicians. The rest is not to you, but towards your Papers Management. Ive got Corporate cced in on whats going on.
He wrote back again, I just deleted it. Refuse is refuse.
  Since I had clearly pi**ed in someones Cheerios inside the Herald, thought I'd do a little digging to see if there was any effect. Seems as if there was.
There was an on-line op piece by one of the Herald Staff complaining about the people who posted comments after stories and the Libel, ad hominem, red herring and generally childish behaviour (comments posted) and the Herald refusal to do anything about it.
Why was the Herald allowing LIBEL on their website, dont they know its ILLEGAL IN THIS STATE? Must be because they WANTED IT THERE.
  I left a comment in complete agreement after reading/scanning all the posts, then, as is requested of users, and in keeping with THEIR OWN TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON USE OF THE WEBSITE DISALLOWING SUCH LIBELOUS AND OFF TOPIC POSTS, I flagged every one that was in violation of the Heralds online TOU's. I flagged all but about 6 posts, and 2 were mine. My last one had a tally of the results. I flagged them mostly for LIBEL and personal attacks.
I  got an angry Email from Andy Perdue:


 Flag this message

Re: Reporting abuse

Thursday, December 3, 2009 8:30 PM
"Andy Perdue" <aperdue@tricityherald.com>
Do you have time to be SUED?

Your response is recorded for possible LEGAL ACTION.

--- On Thu, 12/3/09, Andy Perdue <aperdue@tricityherald.com> wrote:

From: Andy Perdue <aperdue@tricityherald.com>
Subject: Reporting abuse
To: @yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009, 5:24 PM

You might think it's fun to report everything you disagree with as abusive.
I do not have time to deal with this.

Please stop immediately.

Andy Perdue
Tri-City Herald


DONT HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH LIBEL? or dont have time to have an agenda of stirring up traffic on the website by idiots acting childishly? 





 I spent an HOUR cleaning up his cesspool on line and another half hour writing to Herald Management, whose response was "were not required to enforce our Terms of Use." Its called, RUN, HIDE, ATTACK OTHERS, RETALIATE AND COVER OUR ASSES.

Those with something to HIDE act that way. Do you see ME hiding anything? 


I just got a letter from Drew, it went straight into the SPAM bin. Again, refuse is refuse. They had their chance, deliberately fouled it up and refused to get it right, now its time for REAL MEDIA to expose it. 



 Now onto the Tee-Vee and Radio.

KNDU had a reporter at the November 2009 Council meeting where Bob and I first challenged the Council on their LAWBREAKING. I talked with him briefly and explained the situation. KNDU must have gone out of business? I haven't heard a PEEP from them since.

 KEPR is always blowing smoke up our asses and out various orifii about their 'campaign to give voice to the powerless' by 'investigating' various wrongs and using their Media power to put them right.


Ive seen REAL media outlets (TV and Radio in Ohio) who really DID do that. It doesnt happen here!  A TV station in Ohio stepped right up to the plate and challenged a Corrupt Ohio College who was illegally attempting to defraud me out of an HONORS DEGREE I PAID FOR, just because I exposed their fraud and lawbreaking, and told their buddy the Ohio Atty General to go jump in the lake for his corruption. Little did I realize at the time how correct THAT allegation was.

KEPR had no problem interviewing me over Clearwire's violation of WA Law by printing too many digits of a credit card number on a receipt (Clearwire is STILL in violation of the law, by the way). KEPR has run two lead stories during/after the time the Herald ran its stories - ABOUT THE WIND. Yes folks, the wind, it's a real danger here.

But KEPR doesn't have time to deal with IMPORTANT issues like defending Citizens Rights and the CONSTITUTION. I called Holly Z. about Richland, no response. Ruth was at the last Council meeting, I gave her info and contact information, no response.

I also couldnt get the courtest of a return call from Ruth after leaving a voice mail wanting to give them first shot at announcement of a Class Action against Richland. Isnt THAT news? No, news here is only Government interfering in peoples lives and police chasing and arresting people.

Wonder why I wont watch these stations or read the paper? 

Is the transmitter down? All of KEPR's phones out? Cars won't run? I know the stations still on the air because I still hear the bleating like sheep about their investigative journalism, which doesn't want to investigate TOUGH ISSUES.

------ sidebar 

I bet if I offered to donate a PILE of CASH to a local CHARITY the TC Media would cover it.

BUT WAIT- I did make such an offer and the AGENCY REFUSED IT BECAUSE I DEMANDED MEDIA COVERAGE. There's a skeleton in that closet and I know what it is.

I offered to donate/raise enough CASH to WIPE OUT HUNGER IN TRI CITIES AND THEY DIDN'T WANT IT.

That little game is based on two things:

1.) I expect to buy WHOLESALE

2.) I made it conditional on TV MEDIA reporting to challenge others to donate

I wasn't talking about tens-of-thousands of dollars either.. that's too easy.


 Neither does 870 AM seem to have any electricity to cover such a critical issue, especially when they run Conservative talk radio. I guess its OK when they're making money at it but not when it compromises PC in TC!

I called the station and explained the situation to someone, but no response. 


Chamish has an EXCELLENT video on the Lebanon war from 1982 which uses the phrase "advocacy journalism" to describe NBCs deliberate mis-reporting of Israels bombing of Lebanon. Apparently he was there, on the ground.

 Regardless of the events in Lebanon which are not first-hand material here, the tricks NBC used to mis-report and villain-ize Israel are interesting.


*Pick a side and report only favorably on that.

*Report without challenging the sources with facts.

*Report one-sidedly.

 Standard fare for the utterly biased Leftist media in the US. Guess why the INTERNET is so popular? I can go to BBC and Times Online and get REAL news about whats happening here.

Write /Email Barry and ask for the "NBC in Lebanon 1982" DVD.

 It's the same story there as here in Tri Cities, so called "journalists" with their heads stuffed full of radical Leftist activist notions in School pushing an agenda - anti Freedom, anti Constitution, anti Second Amendment. 

Or is it their MANAGEMENT?  Geesh,from the looks of the events at the Herald, I might guess its EDITORIAL MANAGEMENT doing this!

Saying nothing, reporting it wrong, not "holding their feet to the fire" (please KEPR, that's SO LAME AND HOLLOW when you don't mean it) , standing by idly while someone else is robbed, may as well ALL be complicit in wrongdoing.

Fortunately the economic crash is getting the Medias attention across the Nation. Now they will be lucky to stay in business. Hopefully the crash will bankrupt most of the Leftist media and we can stat over, I can run a radio station from my home if needed. I could reach a LOT of Hanford workers with a few mW.


 Thursday morning. KNDU had some programming on a vehicle theft in Yakima (unknown whose truck it was- duh, CHECK THE VIN?) the Hati disaster, followed it up by video from the Haq trial (Haq is the CONVICTED murderer in the Seattle Jewish Federation killing) and dear Melanie stated "alleged murder."

 You MUST be crapping me, Melanie. The ILLITERACY in the Media here is staggering. IT'S NOT "ALLEGED" AFTER A GUILTY PLEA AND CONVICTION.

Onto Hati. Some IDIOT thinks that sending bottled water will "make a difference." Fools its up to HALF A MILLION DEAD. W-T-F are they going to do with BOTTLED WATER? 

KEPR proclaims "Pipes burst in House" (in Minnesota)

NOW THATS RELEVANT NEWS. My day is better knowing pipes froze and burst in Minnesota when local Cities are attacking our Constitutional rights.

Next up CAMEL WRESTLING in Turkey.

Where do they dredge this trash up at?  HOW IS THIS NEWS?

And now, for the SECOND time this hour, more on the stolen truck accident. How is this news TWICE? It isnt, its called FILLER. Now were on to parading emergency services and police, its the daily routine.

Cant we find anything of worth, value, positive morals to talk about? And now, recycling video from an old story on "vehicle prowling up in Richland."

God this is sad. Turn the transmitter off and save electricity. May as well, its clear they have no interest in SAVING THE CONSTITUTIONS.

Time to turn the TV off. Cant stand the incompetence any longer. Off to the  INTERNET for my news. 

Posted by Dave at 7:18 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:54 AM PDT

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