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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 5 April 2010
What the WA Bar is up to- and its no good
Topic: Legal actions

 The front page here has the documents I filed with the WA Bar against Lampson for his hand in making an ILLEGAL and PRE-EMPTED Ordinance. The process is - I file a Grievance with the bar, then the Attorney (Respondant) reponds.

 Lampson didnt respond, he REPLIED with an OFF TOPIC tirade including LIBEL against me- he attempted to paint me (to the Bar, which is IRRELAVENT, Im not responsible to the Bar Assn) as dangerous in that I was at the Council meeting "in a shooting stance wearing shooting glasses"

A shooting stance means firearm in hand ready to shoot. I was not, the witnesses and video tapes will prove hes LYING AGAIN. Since when does Lampson object to INDUSTRIAL SAFETY GLASSES LIKE EVERY HANFORD CONTRACTOR WEARS?

 Lampson, do you also have a personal grudge against people who wear safety devices? Maybe you should make a ridiculous law against SAFETY GLASSES.

  The Bar Rules require the Respondant to respond, he did not, he REPLIED off topic. The Lead Counsel at the WSBA of course followed him off-topic and tried to dump the Grievance, stating that i could request a reconsideration (exact term escapes me at the instant).

 It will go the same, because the ass covering is universal.

T he Grievance I filed contained a precise, itemized statement of actions that were taken, the points of the Courts Rules of Professional Conduct that were violated. All that was IGNORED. There was no reply or response that addressed the itemized complaint.

Of course, we know that when 'they' have nothing to go on, ad-hominem and red-herring are ALWAYS the last resort. 

Posted by Dave at 10:47 AM PDT

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