PS heres a solar boondoggle being built right now:

Notice there is DATA on the project, not the usual vague fluffy statements by the O'Solyndra Administration and their complicit Media:

"The 370 (net) megawatt Ivanpah solar power facility is located on approximately 3,500 acres"

Calculate the PROJECTED power produced PER ACRE.

9 ACRE per MW (3500ac / 370 MW)

How many acre are needed to produce this MYTHICAL 10,000 MW?

(And the crackpot Liberals are screaming about preserving the land?)

Compare this REAL project with this Federal Land Grab of 285,000 acre:

If 9 ac/MW, then 10,000 MW = 90,000 acre.

WHAT ARE THE OTHER 195,000 acres going to be used for?

Now, compare this stupidity to ONE nuclear powered generator. An OLD generator that was used near me had a nameplate rating of 425 MW.

ONE GENERATOR., the size of your house.

PS notice this lie on Bechtels page:

" solar thermal power tower technology to produce clean, renewable energy from the sun"

the SUN is RENEWABLE? What human is going to RENEW the sun when it collapses, goes super nova and DESTROYS THE EARTH?