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Dave's 2A Blog
Tuesday, 5 January 2010
Now THAT was fun
Topic: Richland illegal

The "dog breed" issue was front and center at REICHlands Council meeting, and of course yours trvly were there to hold their feet to the fire for their continuing CONTEMPT for YOUR Constitutions and Laws.

 I havent received the courtesy of a response on my last letter:


and of course they have no response except "guilty as charged."

The pleasant surprise of the night was one of the dog owners, had the facts and figures all ready. Especially about sueing REICHland out of existance should they pass such a stupid Ordinance.

I of course followed that up with my promise, not threat, to sue them up and down the river. Fortunately we have a river nearby. Theres a Federal Courthouse here too. The list of potential charges wouldnt quite literally stretch from "here to the Fire Dept across the street" but I believe you would find the list MOST impressive.

Ill digitize tonites audio ASAP.

So, if in a year or two there is no REICHland, youll know why. I intend to bankrupt them and Im not sure Im at the head of the line....


REICHland, do you realize your corruption has certainly made news across the world by now?

Ruth from KEPR did a bang up job, especially interviewing Bob. She really put the questions to him, and fortunately hes a walking encyclopedia on dogs, self defense, firearms, law, on and on.

The dog issue is like any other "bleeding heart" issue, Governments seizing on any single or small group misfortune, even if they have to use them as POLITICAL HUMAN SHIELDS to implement their personal desires as law.

The sob story from Kennewick was just that, one man from Kenn trying to convince REICHland to make an ordinance - wait - what's that got to do with REICHland? Anyhoo, its the usual "force my sorrow on everyone else" routine.

 I reminded REICHland that these were ultimately attempts of Govt to seize personal property, either de-facto or through licensing. Same difference.

Yes, its tragic that he was unable or unwilling to defend his property (his two dogs that were attacked) but thats between him and the attacking dogs owner, or should be. Theyd not fare well attacking me, I can stop them with a ball point pen or fingers-or a 9 mm full of buckshot. I carry rattlesnake rounds on top of the mag. There ARE lots of rattlers around here.

But this poor fellow isnt satisfied dealing with the owner of the animals that attacked his dogs. Thats mano-y-mano- one on one. Leftists dont like that, they like to coerce Government into granting them superior rights to everyone else.

I reminded Council that (pointing to the US Flag) that thats not what this Nation was founded on and not what our Founders died for. 

Posted by Dave at 10:36 PM PST
Wednesday, 23 December 2009
exposing political manipulation of LEO tragedy- an example
Mood:  down
Topic: Richland illegal

Excerpt from a WA paper on Deputy shooting: 


2 sheriff's officers badly hurt in Wash. shooting


Two sheriff's officers responding to a dispute between two brothers were shot by one of the men lying in wait after being welcomed into the home by the other, authorities said. The gunman was killed and the officers were seriously wounded.

It was the third shooting of police officers in Washington state in three months.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said a sergeant and a deputy were shot at around 8:45 p.m. Monday while responding to a dispute between David E. Crable and his brother near Eatonville, a rural community in the Cascade foothills.

Crable, 35, shot the two officers before he was killed when they returned fire, Troyer said.

The officers were met at the door by Crable's brother, Troyer said. When the deputies entered the house, Crable opened fire from upstairs, hitting one of the officers multiple times.

"This is somebody that was laying in wait for our guys, armed themselves, with the intent on shooting them," Troyer told reporters near the shooting scene. "There's not much we're going to be able to do when somebody is hiding and arming themselves and we have somebody else inviting us into the residence and the second person opens fire on us." <snip>


Let's pound on the lawbreaking Bleeding Hearts in WA City 'government' as they deserve.

Notice the statement in red. The likes of Seattles Nichols and WA Governor Bankrupt, Tax and Spend LOVE to seize on the misfortune of others in a tragedy to pursue their own POLITICAL goals. Tax and Spend DID usurp the recent Lakewood shooting for her anti 2A bias.

 Of course its a tragedy when LEO get shot, in any circumstances.

 What is UNFORGIVEABLE is to use them as political hostages in an UnConstitutional and ILLEGAL power grab to attempt to ban firearms in WA.

P1. If all the customers in the Lakewood coffee shop were ARMED, would the outcome been different? If I were there, quite possibly. Would the patrons have been anything except TARGETS? Absolutely.

P.2 How is Gregoires using these LEO shootings as political weapons anything but that when its PROVEN that gun laws DO NOT DISARM CRIMINALS?  Not only do they get guns on the black market, but they get really good deals on them.

P.3 Nichols using defenseless (politically so) CHILDREN in a similar power grab?

 Here are comments I left after the story, excuse the error...

C1. December 22, 2009 at 7:04 AM

and the bulletproof vests were where? were we wearing them? Otherwise, agreed, nothing can be done to stop it, its a threat we ALL face. So wed all best be armed to stop it.

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns "


C2. December 22, 2009 at 7:07 AM

PS realize that the type like Nichols who want to "use" an incident like this for his own POLITCAL gain doesnt make a wrong go away, it makes TWO WRONGS:

1.) dead deputy (correction, perp was killed, Deputies injured)
2.) lawbreaking Mayor

It's SICK when a political figure like Nichols can't resist using others to further his own politcal career (in re gun ban which is illegal in itself) and worse yet, has to use CHILDREN as political human shields.

 What this all boils down to are political Socialitst/Leftists seizing on a tragedy to use as an excuse to implement their OWN PERSONAL WISHES into Law.

Fortunately we have a Legislature with a little more wisdom than that, which illustrates the fundamental difference between Dictators (Gregoire, Nichols and the like) and our Republic process (Legislature).

Come on Gov Tax and Spend, you jump in here too and go logically toe to toe with us


  Find out what the phrase "bleeding heart" REALLY means. It's probably NOT what you think...

Posted by Dave at 3:26 PM PST
Monday, 21 December 2009
'Calling out' Nichols - Seattle's contempt for Constitution and Law
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Topic: Richland illegal

comments left on Mayor Nichols City web site feedback form. Let's see if hes man enough to answer. Where I come from, men are men and women are not.

 Man up.

 It'll never happen. These Radical Leftists types have nothing for "A" material" except lies, hype, emotion, red herring and ad-hominem.

They have no "B" material except to run and hide (or repeat A).

  Right here, Nichols, debate me. Blog me, if you have the guts. Post away- I won't edit it, I'll just tear it apart with logic, law, psychology and FACTS.

140 I.Q. here, come on in! 

Read this:


then answer this question:

"What part of the Fatwah of radical Islam against Israel AND America don't you understand?" 

Odd that you didnt call for 'disarmament of criminals' when the Muslim extremist attacked the Seattle Jewish Federation.

What's really despicable is to use CHILDREN as political "human shields."

  Nichols excuse for HIS LAWBREAKING is that "Its all about protecting the children." 

It's abhorrent to manipulate CHILDREN in an 'adults only' game where they cannot defend themselves. 

Why use CHILDREN as an excuse? Simple - the political subversive can't handle a toe to toe argument with an ADULT. Children are minors who are not part of the political process and are easy to manipulate- they can't argue back.

ITs up to their PARENT or GUARDIAN to "protect them." Not some lawbreaker in Seattle City Gubmint.



Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

You (City) usurping the WA Constitution and DELIBERATELY violating WA Law in re. banning firearms DOES NOT eliminate crime, it MAKES MORE CRIME.

Your actions are illegal under WA Law and demonstrate that you are either a subversive or traitor. Ones about bad as the other.

So, WHO'S THE CRIMINAL HERE? The attacker at the coffee shop was simply a criminal, you're a criminal, or worse, for violating Constitution and RCW, AND a hypocrite for doing so in a capacity that is sworn to UPHOLD Law.

But you don't care about law, its all about getting your personal anti- gun hysteria into law, isn't it?

Here's PROOF that armed Citizens eliminate crime:


Why don't YOU want crime eliminated in Seattle? Kennesaw proves how to do it. You must want MORE crime.

[they do, its called JOB SECURITY. Manufacture a CRISIS then solve it]

Forget about the cliche 'when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.' It is true.

Here's a new one: 'You no longer have the People's protection under the WA Constitution.'Bin Laden can have you. There's no longer a need for Armed Citizens to take over Government, the terrorists can do it themselves. If/when they come, you're on your own. Maybe you can throw a STAPLER at them? Or hide behind your desk and piss your pants?

The only logical conclusion is that you are either a terrorist, or supporting them, since you have contempt for Law and defense of the State at a time when we are at WAR with terrorists inside the Nation.

[See RCW 9.81- yeah, you know, the RCWs you ignored...]

Answer me at:

https://second-amendment.tripod.com/d2a where this comment will be Publically Blogged. and prove its you, email me.


Right down here...

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Posted by Dave at 6:29 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 23 December 2009 3:07 PM PST

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