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Dave's 2A Blog
Friday, 8 March 2013
youre being lied to about drones
Topic: Constitutional
Re "drones" being discussed this week in the context of appointing a CIA Director.

  These are not drones, they are "UAS" - Un-manned Aerial SYSTEMS.

 They are remotely piloted military weapons systems. “Drone” is deliberately misused and conceals a great danger.

A drone is an autonomous craft that flies by a pre programmed computer course guided by GPS, they do not have pilots. Drones are commercially available at $10,000. Ive seen ads on line for them.

 These craft being falsely called drones are Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and have military pilots controlling them remotely. I was told this week that they also at times have pilots that are "contractors" flying these armed craft, and that means only one thing. CIA/NSA or some other Govt Agency. NO one turns such a weapons system over to a corporate contractor. At least not if they are in their right mind.

  See the attached document from the Congressional Research Service, R42136 for the history of UAS development, and admission they are stealth craft. (attached)

  UAV’s (un-manned aerial vehicles) are a sub-set of UAS and are MILITARY STEALTH AIRPLANES, invisible to radar systems managing commercial airliner traffic.

 "Stealth" means three things:

1. fuselage and frame design that is low- observable to radar, meaning a low radar cross section, metal framework that is non- magnetic and special materials that absorb and scatter microwave energy. Radar is microwave energy. If the plane doesnt reflect it back, then the plane cannot be detected.

2. microwave comms subsystems for both 3-C (command, control and comms) and confusing ground based radar systems. These radar countermeasures send back false echo position signals that make the ground radar system think its somewhere its not.

3. 3-C systems that are sat based.

  The only way to detect military stealth craft is by satellite. Part of the reason, then, that these UAS are so dangerous is that while a full size bomber or fighter such as the B-2 or F-117 can be detected with enough radar power, and they can confuse radar systems, these UAS are so small that the chance of detecting them even with high powered ground systems is very small.

One can be flown over an airport, crash into or attack a passenger jet and no one but the military or CIA will know 'who did it.'

Realize that the context of this weeks discussion about UAS is not military use, but in the discussion of appointing a CIA Director, and whether the POTUS and CIA will use them in America. "Military use of drones" is a false flag argument.

Not only can the attack be hidden behind stealth invisibility, but also behind military or Government secrecy.

The potential for misuse, to deliberately attack a commercial craft or other target, not be visible, then blame it on another actors such as 'Islamist terrorists' is immense.

The next Bradley Manning can decide, not to steal and disclose sensitive documents, but to blow up a plane or building and start the next 10 years of illegitimte war IN THE US. Manning had honorable intent in exposing corruption. The next time it might not be so honorable.

  UAS are not needed for US surveillance, we  have far more sophisticated satellite capacity than that, and have ground based, hand held equipment that can to that job. Technology existed in the late 1980s to see people through walls and doors with hand held cameras,  I saw the camera, it was developed for the USAF in Ohio.

We do not need flying military systems for that. I can buy cameras from industrial sources for $ 5-10K that can see inside peoples houses. A flying military weapon is NOT needed for that.

US Law Enforcement has that technology already, they have no legitimate need for military weapons systems.

We have had sat technology since the 1970s that can see the patterns in material in clothing worn by a person on the ground FROM SPACE. That came first hand from an ex mil commander who saw the photos.

A UAS might be valuable for intel and recon overseas where we dont have as much sat capacity and its risky to fly over with a piloted craft, but those limitations do not exist in the US, its our sats and planes flying over our territory, so any argument that UAS are needed for intel is a bald faced lie.

A recent ruse is that UAS use will be safe as it will have a flight plan authorized.  A UAS flight plan is irrelevant to safety, a plan does not tell where these stealth craft really are. Since they cannot be tracked by ordinary radar, they can be diverted from flight plan and back and no one will know it.

It is also a false narrative that UAS are needed to stop a terror attack. Terrorists do not phone ahead or publish their plans on-line. It is false that this is justified (killing US Citizens) to stop an attack, as that admits they know its going to happen, and have refused or failed to stop it.

Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws do not permit Government to use the "end justifies the means" rationale to murder Citizens without Due Process. That is exactly what they want to do.

There is a story this week about a probable UAS being flown over an airport in Chicago:


Apparently the only way it was detected was that someone SAW IT. Had radar picked it up, it would have started a panic as a grave risk to commercial airspace.

 Another was apparently seen over JFK:


UAS are military killing machines with no legitimate use in the US.
EDIT And the coverup starts..
 Obamas hiding the number of people hes murdered? Did something just go bad and they are trying to hide it?
They did in Gun Runner. Benghazi. Libya. Yemen. 

Posted by Dave at 2:02 PM PST
Updated: Friday, 8 March 2013 4:44 PM PST
Thursday, 7 March 2013
Proof of my statements about UAVs being STEATH
Topic: Constitutional


Document R42136, US Unmanned Aerial Systems Jeremiah Gertler Congressional Research Service 

 Page 20 and others, admission of engine development for quiet operation and admission of stealth development

Posted by Dave at 10:22 AM PST
Wednesday, 6 March 2013
What you need to know about "drones"
Topic: Constitutional

1. They are not drones. They are UAS (un-manned aerial systems).

2 a drone is an autonomous craft. The craft being discussed now are NOT UNMANNED, they have remote MILITARY PILOTS 


Heres the big kicker no one is discussing



Your local airport CAN NOT DETECT THEM moments before a jet sucks one into an engine and kills 200 people in the resulting crash.

Realize we are WAY past the era of stealth aircraft systems.

What makes this problem WORSE is that such stealth craft can be used to MURDER WITH IMMUNITY as no one can TRACK THEIR MILITARY UAS. 


The only way to track stealth craft is by SATELLITE.

Craft like the stealth fighter operate by radar (microwave). The F117A has two microwave ports, one on each side. One is for spoofing microwave stations on the ground to confuse the echo location signals

 the other is for craft to SPACE COMMUNICATIONS. 

Posted by Dave at 12:05 PM PST
Sunday, 17 February 2013
Craigslist post on WA anti gun bills
Topic: Constitutional



"Well here they come---4 antigun bills from Olympia that will be heard THIS week!
HB1588--sponsored by state Representatives Jamie Pederson (D-43), Mike Hope (R-44) and thirty-six other state Representatives, would criminalize the private sale of firearms. HB 1588 is nothing more than a regulatory scheme which would create a huge burden for law-abiding citizens. It would require that anytime you sell any firearm to a family member or friend, you will have to go through a gun dealer or law enforcement agency and pay a $20 fee (tax), with no guarantee of timely processing.Additionally, while Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders are currently exempt from having to undergo a background check when purchasing a firearm from a dealer, there is no provision in HB 1588 that extends the CPL exemption to private sales.

HB1676---sponsored by state Representative Ruth Kagi (D-32) and thirteen other state Representatives, is a so-called "child access prevention" bill which would single out the storage of firearms for criminalization under certain circumstances.

We already have a gun negligently stored law

sponsored by state Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27) and sixteen other state Representatives. This bill would create a $25 tax on all retail gun sales to create a "firearm-related injury and death prevention program." It would also tax ammunition purchases!

and Senate Bill 5625--
state Senator Adam Kline (D-37). SB 5625 is a companion measure to HB 1588.

WA members start the calls & emails now!

Here are the reps you WA boys want to write.


Rep Mike Hope http://houserepublicans.wa.gov/mike-hope/contact/

To comment on the gun storage law. I am not actually opposed to it.


Jenkins Contact info https://dlr.leg.wa.gov/memberemail/mailform.aspx?chamber=h&district=27&position=1"




This post is not directed to our area, use the Legislature website to find your Legislators (I do not refer to them as Representatives because they are NOT representing Us)







Posted by Dave at 10:40 AM PST
Thursday, 14 February 2013
NY residents sound off about gun control
Topic: Constitutional

Posted by Dave at 2:29 PM PST
Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Topic: Constitutional




Waco was 3 parts:

1. Demonize someone

2. get them to defend themselves and claim that is an attack on the State


 The story this morning on Info Wars (I cite them as the story will probably be archived there, where the Main Sleaze Media will make it disappear):



“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” one officer says.

“Copy,” replies another.

“Like we talked about,” the first officer responds.

“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire,” says another officer moments later, before the police dispatcher repeats the statement.

Within minutes of the fire starting, police note that the cabin is “starting to collapse.”"


It is not primarily an incendiary device, its supposed to produce gas. 

 Boy, SOMEONE is DESPERATE to get into my computer today... Im seeing attempts to connect being blocked...

 But, you say, Dorner was a murderer and got what he deserved.

You are a COMMUNIST.


Police are not Government, they require govt permission to operate, and they do NOT have ours through the Constitution.

Think about this; why is it that POLICE must get a WARRANT from a COURT to SEARCH a CITIZENS property?

Simple, Police are un Constitutional and have no right or permission to search, they must go back to a Constitutional entity (Court) and get permission.

That system is a 100% SCAM. IT IS UN CONSTITUTIONAL

Back to Dorner. Same as in Waco, how much ammo could he have, compared to 100 of them outside? food? water?

Instead of MURDER him, as the MURDERED INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN WACO, why didnt they just wait it out? take cover and keep him shooting until he runs out of ammo.





 The excuse is tha tthe police have some "right" to safety and therefore can justfiy MURDERING HIM.





We the People NEVER gave "rights" to government, never permitted them to employ Jack Booted Thugs called Police.


This especially stinks considering it looks as if they went after him for planning to expose them for something, its called "cover-up" 

But, you say, they took him out thus PROTECTING innocent Citzens?


Didnt I tell you about this a year ago, about killing not only innocent people, but those totally un connected to the event? I DID, right here 

The BATF got a TANK from the MILITARY, and collapsed then set fire to the buildings at WACO, MURDERING INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN. I HAVE A VIDEO SHOWING IT, EMAIL FOR A COPY


Hitlers MO was to create an out-group, demonise them, set up a Straw Man argument that the out group was a danger to the in-group (Ayrian purity, inventing a threat to Germans at large which didnt exist.)

Posted by Dave at 9:30 AM PST
Sunday, 27 January 2013
MUST SEE VIDEO (lots of them posted here)
Topic: Constitutional




Posted by Dave at 2:43 PM PST
Thursday, 24 January 2013
Topic: Constitutional

Posted by Dave at 6:35 PM PST
Friday, 21 December 2012
Subversive alert ! Patty Murrays Office
Topic: Constitutional

Patty Dearest has the propaganda and subverion machine cranked up with an off topic form response to my Email about getting control of the FCC and forcing them to stop violent TV programming:


ear  Mr. Campbell :


Thank you for writing me regarding the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  It was good to hear from you.


As a mother, grandmother, and former preschool teacher I was shocked by the tragedy that unfolded in Newtown.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims whose loss is difficult to comprehend.  

Unfortunately, this horrific tragedy was another in a long line of gun violence episodes that have ranged from places like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Aurora to coffee shops in Lakewood to the corner of South Byron Street and McClintock Ave South in Seattle.  These episodes have plagued our cities, our schools, and our shared sense of security.  This cannot go on.  As a society we need to come together to begin a real conversation on all the factors contributing to those horrific instances of gun violence, but we also need to take specific action to bolster our current gun safety laws.


There is no question that we can and should limit access to the assault style weapons of war that are on our streets and that are too often being used to kill innocent people indiscriminately. I have repeatedly voted for an assault weapons ban and will do so again as soon as we can get a bill to the Senate floor. 


But preventing tragedies like the one in Newtown will take more than just common-sense gun policies and enforcement. It will also take a renewed commitment to understanding and dealing with the root causes that lead isolated individuals to carry out these atrocities.  At this moment, everything needs to be on the table for scrutiny. 


Our nation is at a crossroads moment, and we must take the path that protects future generations from re-living these gun violence tragedies over and over again.  It will take the courage of people with opposing views but a common purpose sitting down with one another and agreeing that the status quo is unacceptable.


Please be assured I will keep your views in mind as I work with my colleagues and please feel free to share with me your ideas on how to address this crisis. If you would like to know more about my work in the Senate, please feel fr ee to sign up for my updates at  http://murrav.senate.gov/updates . Thank you for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Patty Murray
United States Senator



Say WHAT? That had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I wrote about, and that is the continued Government FAILURE to deal with violence in the media.

 When its THEIR fault, what do they do?



Those are tactics of liars and criminals. 


Posted by Dave at 5:21 PM PST
Thursday, 20 December 2012
well isnt THAT special?
Topic: Constitutional

"-Ammo web sites are no longer taking orders because they have so many orders to fill.
-My dealers supplier did 10 million in sales on monday.
-The N.I.C.S. system has been jammed all week.
-AR-15′s have doubled AND tripled in price on online auction sites.
-PMAGS are selling for $45.00 each and up.
-EVERY semi-auto anything has disappeared from your local gun store."



Not totally true, but thats not the point...it WILL be next week.

Sanny Klaus cant fit any more guns and ammo in his sled..

The system has been on the edge of "out of stock" constantly since 2007.

I have a couple spare cases 223 Ill sell for 1200 each. cash.

Posted by Dave at 3:58 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 20 December 2012 4:05 PM PST
Friday, 19 October 2012
MUST WATCH video of the WEEK
Topic: Constitutional

A man, a Citizen, a former Ranger is being harassed by a HOA (thats a fraudulent term, Ill explain why shortly) over him telling them they are apparently wasting money or commiting theft/waste, whatever. 


 Like such people often do, they are attacking him personally, especially using the "he owns a gun" thing.

I might stop and question this, except I know what deceit and fraud is behind the SCAM called a Homeowners ASSociation.

(The use of ASS-ociation should be clear to you)

  I dont even question it because:

a.) Ive personally persecuted and prosecuted a corrupt mobile home park Manager and their management company, similar pissing match, I won, I humiliated them in open Court, their Attorney went away red faced with rage and I just laughed at them. The TAPE RECORDER was the key.

b .) I know a lady who is dealing with exactly the same problems in a neighborhood near me, unfortunately for the crooked HOA, she is a FORCE to be reckoned with , with extensive legal background and also an engineer, I believe. They pissed off the wrong woman there...She has extensive Government Contracts experience. 


The reason for the HAHA, is that the proper thing to do is laugh at these HOAs/managers, lawyers etc. Both these instances have the HOA over a barrel and their attorneys know it. 

 Instead of talking about the circumstances around this video, which I dont know well enough, I want to show you what I do know about the rotten scam corporations called HOAs.

First off, theres a SHIT LOAD of money to be made in running all sorts of real estate scams, like the Realtor I caught here in Dry Cities lying through her teeth about the square footage of the house. I challenged her, she ran off and hid, I met with one of the Owners and proved to him that she was lying through her teeth, because he helped me measure the rooms.

The scam there is to falsely inflate the houses square footage, multiply it by $100 a square foot, so that with the inflated SF figure, the price of the old house is the same as the new house. Whats doubly fraudulent is that their so called 'square footage' was/ is MORE than the overall perimeter figure on record with the County.

  The Manager held the dumb end of the tape measure and helped me prove his Realtor was lying about the square footage, the funny thing about it  was that he didnt realize he was helping me do it at the time.

He thought I was measuring for furniture.. 

H ystericaly funny. I proved that the Realtor had lied through her teeth by stating the houses SF was 1840 some when it MEASURED at about 1250.

That may not seem like a lot, until you subtract 1840-1250 then multiply it by 100. Thats MONEY, and the thieving Realtor gets a percentage of it, so they have an incentive to lie about it.

Just happened they didnt get an idiot to try to scam that day, they got ME and regretted it.

The reason Im going a bit off topic is to get you to consider that kind of fraud, that amounts to tens of thousands of dollars, over selling thousands of houses. THAT adds up to REAL money.

Back to the HOA. Same thing, Greed. easy money to steal.

  The dishonest salesmans favorite tool is to advertise something that benefits THEM in a way that makes you think they are looking out for YOUR best interest.

ANY one that says so is lying through their teeth, sometimes its just hard to catch them and prove it.

Unsuspecting House Buyer (think about the liar loan scandals) are forced or tricked into signing loan papers that include a HOA. 

the HOA is sold on the false ideas that:

1.) the HOA is about the Homeowner

2. the HOA is somehow a benefit to the homeowner, usually leading off with the lie about the HOA increasing property values.

The values are fraudulently, artifically inflated anyway, even without the HOA, so its all smoke and mirrors.

That is done to dishonestly create a fake inflated property value. ThatsVERY important. That means theres some artificial, fake, non existant pile of money that the HOA can use as a basis to claim damages over- TO STEAL YOUR PROPERTY FROM YOU.

 Back to the house sale and deed. The HOA represents the person or corporation that owned the parcel fo land the neighborhood was built on.

Not happy with making a bloody fortune on the land sale, they weasel up some dishonest lawyers to make money two more ways: 

BOTH ways hinge on THEM, the HOA, which is really the land owner who sold the land, TO KEEP OWNERSHIP OF THE LAND AFTER SELLING IT.

Or to get it  back..

1. By imposing HOA fees as a source of money, under the pretense it wil be used to maintain or improve the neighborhood. That presumes they still own it to be responsible to maintain it.

The scam there is that they still claim ownership of it AFTER they sold it to you. 

2. By stealing the IMPROVED property back from you if you dont keep up to the phoney contract they FORCED you into, as a pressure that if you dont agree to the HOA, then you cant buy the house. 

If/when they declare you in default of the HOA fees or some other idiocy like trying to say you cant FLY THE US FLAG, they use their scumball lawyers to attempt to take your property away.

its actually the BANKS behind this, else the first few HOAs that tried to seize your property, that the BANK had the paper on, would have taken the HOA and their lawyer and ground their asses into the dirt legally.

It hasnt happened, proving the banks are complicit.

Notice the clever trick here, the HOA claims that YOU have to pay to keep THEIR property up (the common areas, club house, trees, shrubs, streets)and if you dont, they seize YOUR HOUSE.

Clever fraud, isnt it>? They take on themselves the responsibility of the City or County to build, maintain and improve areas that are NOT Residents houses. This is a tax scam.

The HOA pretends that this is somehow to your benefit by flying the false flag of  "property values will go down if we dont get this money"

That gives them standing to pretend to be the victim if you dont pay them. They proudly point to their Neighborhood (which you paid for) and claim that some fictitious loss of THEIR property value is grounds to take legal action against you over.

Except these slimeballs dont want to see the light of day in a COURT ROOM in front of a Judge. They HIDE behind these phoney HOAs and their shell corporations and play "well seize the Deed under the contract terms".

So, they make money three times,

1.)selling the land for an obsecene profit, stealing HOA fees and doing nothing in return (after all, its their money and their property, they arent harming themsevles by not doing maintenance, are they?) 

2. Taking HOA fees

3. seizing the property that they sold- AND HERES THE KICKER:


They sold a piece of bare land, they steal back the land, house and all improvements.

In other words, the game goes "They sold the  lot for $10,000, YOU paid to put a $150,000 house on it and THEY WANT THE HOUSE."

Fraud upon fraud.

Where the scam falls apart on them is their sworn duty to keep the property up. their lie about the property values decreasing falls on THEIR heads if/when they refuse to do their job and take the money and run, because that idea of property values goes both ways.

If you dont keep your property up, the value will decrease. Thats you paying for your own property.

If THEY dont use HOA money to do so on YOUR common, Neighborhood property (your paying for it, its yours, right?) then their argument that you not paying them doing damage to value means that their taking the money and not doing anything ALSO decreases property values.

THEN they are caught in their own trap, and have a good laugh watching them try to chew their legal legs off trying to get out of the trap that THEY set. I did, it was big fun. 

Unfortunately, too many Homeowners dont catch the scam and dont realise they are being taken to the cleaners.

(While Im thinking about it, do you want a sure fire way to be a Resident and stand holding ALL the cards? LIVE IN A TRAILER PARK.

Go read Mobile Home park law in your State. Ohio law protects such persons.. I should know) 

 To the video, notice the lawyer has absolutely no leg to stand on except to make vicious, false personal attacks. The way to fix this is for the Judge (or JP) to cite the lawyer for CONTEMPT for even daring to bring such a frivolous action.

Problem is, the Court too has a motive to keep the Status Quo going. It IS all about money.

The TOPIC is apparently evidence the HOA collected fees then kept the money, the topic is NOT whether MR Citizen, apparently a former Army Ranger and apparently a Citizen in good stading (I dont personally know him, but Ive been around the block a few times..) owns a firearm.

This false, lying hysteria about someone owning a gun plays on a game called "the accusation must be true because its so serious"

Ive seen it, someone tried to play it on me. It fails every time, because I keep my legal nose clean, and they can never actually get anything on ME.

And thats the key when taking on con artists of any sort:

1.) keep your end up and keep legally clean


3.) tell EVERYONE, twice if theyll listen. The mistake that Whistle Blowers make is that they dont immediately publish it all so the party being blown on has nowhere to go but hide.

4. LAUGH AT THEM. Sure this is stressful, especially if its your first time (I had a first time) but YOU are holding the cards. Wear them out with it. 

And back to the fraudulent nature of the phoney HOA.

The term Homewoners Association is a LIE.

The name pretends that it is some Association between or among HOMEOWNERS.





Read the Deed or HOA documents, do you see anything about a nice arrangement of individual Homeowners having a nice time, getting together to make sure everyone has a nice place to live?

 Not No but HELL NO.

This ASSocation is about the SHELL CORPORATION called the HOA, not about you, but the deceitful sales tactic is to make you think its to benefit you.

Whose pockets the fees are lining proves who its for.

My advice to this man, where the HOA doesnt want him at the meeting, is to turn it back on them.

Id check with a Real Estate lawyer first, but my thought is this- tell them

"OK, you dont want me at the meeting to expose your waste and potential fraud? OK, I wont be there.


THAT will scare the living shit out of them. Especially when you suggest the rest of the Neighborhood do the same.

Posted by Dave at 2:09 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 25 October 2012 6:51 PM PDT
Thursday, 2 August 2012
secret anti gun agenda
Topic: Constitutional


"reportedly tried to discuss the man with members of a campus behavioral and security committee about a month before the attack but the group never convened."

but Corporations think they are God and no one tells them what to do, especially if it might imply they have failed in any way. Typical for arrogance at Universities, especially State Colleges who think they are Government. Been there, seen that, challenged that. These people that run, especially State connected institutions, think they have power of Government over students who are CITIZENS and PAYING them to run their skool. They get extremely bent out of shape when you tell them where the sun rises and sets. Try it some time.

And along comes an EXPERT and tells them they are 'wrong' - they the gilded god-like institution of higher society can not be wrong, it is always someone elses fault. No one dare challenge or criticise them. They could not possibly have made such a mistake that would tarnish their god like image.

OK , enough rant from experience as to the corruption in the Ed system , hows any of this relevant -about what the college did or didnt do, or the psych did or didnt do?

IT ISNT. It's smoke screen. Neither party had anything to do with the incidence.

THERES AN AGENDA behind it, recall from a couple months ago what it is?

Psych testing of college students to eventually deny them their Right to Bear Arms.

Which points to this being a setup.

And heres a TROLL pushing that agenda:


Pretending to be pro gun. Beware of these supposed gun advocates websites, they are a favorite target for anti gun rights activists to pose and pro gun, but to dilute the topic and muddy the waters.

 My response to the anti gun Troll on USAcarry:


INTENTIONAL slippery slope. Rayb.

OP (original poster) reads like an anti gun activist. Anti gun, and anti Constitutional groups like MAIG have members who specialize in subverting topics like this on websites. They slip in and pretend to be on-board with gun rights, then subtly advocate undermining them. Thats what OP is up to.

This post is red-herring, an attempt to evade the topic.

First, the post starts with "in light of some connection between shooter and college" which is a lie. There IS NO CONNECTION, the shooting did not happen at the College. It was a matter of an ordinary Citizen, a movie theater Patron, bringing more than popcorn money. The college has no connection, and if you dont believe that statement, try to accuse them of it and watch the dance they attempt to do to evade any connection.

Analysis of these evasive and deceitful statements, in order:

""The recent mass murders might be averted if........"

[[lying right off, this was not a "mass murder" This is framed the same way as the lie that a small explosion (maybe a small pipe bom b was a "WMD".
ITs an attempt to manufacture hysteria and blow the event up into some giant proportion that it isnt. The previous weekend to this, 8 people were shot to death and 40 injured in Chicago, is THAT mass murder?]]

    "Since at least the last three out of four mass murders"

[[thats a play on a cognitive error of "familiarity breeds acceptance" or "availability cascade" OP is playing that the Reader accepts him/her as credible and will fall for that lie being repeated]]

" were committed by college students, "

[[False and un founded statements. Holmes was not at the theater in the capacity of a "college student"- this is an attempt to project blame back on the College to try to hold them responsible, and is a slick underhanded attempt to invoke the political idea that was floated lately about denying NICS checks to anyone at a college who failed a psych exam. "un founded" statements means OP didnt prove this statement, just threw it blindly out there, WHAT shootings? Prove a connection. No connection was proven or given and thats a sign of a false argument]]


[[All sorts of false positions are floated on "maybe" and "can" or "might be" - con artists selling merchandise and phoney pills on TV always use "can do" as in "this pill CAN help your condition." Snake oil, in other words. "Maybe" indicates no proof, else the statement would be "this has or will happen based on this evidence. 'May be' is a sign of a deceptive argument.]]

 "it might"

[[repeating the pattern from above, repeat it to attempt to get people to accept the argument is true, without any evidence]]

" be prudent to require new students to have a psychological evaluation alongside of their physical for admission?"

[[But not existing Students? Holmes wasnt a new student, he was a GRAD STUDENT. So this is a false argument. This will also get colleges sued out of existance when they deny admission based on a phoney evaluation. What level of supposed mental deficiency is the bar to deny admission? More exactly, WHO will determine that, especially in light of the false argument being replayed that the exam is about "college entry" when its not, its an under cover sneak attack on gun rights and is intended to deny a NICs check, which BTW, already exists. so whats the point of this phoney exam procedure?]]

"Since the onset of mental illness typically occurs between the ages of 17 - 26"

[[ANOTHER fraudulent premise, presented with no proof. Sociopathy/psychopathy are diagnosed with respect to being 15 years of age, and I can cite a source for that claim, OP can not prove anything, just offer opinion (http://compuball.com/Inquisition/sociopathappend.htm not as any particular source from authority but its a LOT more than OP provides) . OP is inventing a connection with some non existant group of mental illnesses, attempting to project them on others he doesnt know, pretending to be an expert when he isnt (what background in psych does OP have? NONE) and is making a shallow argument of taking Holmes age group and inventing some connection with a general set of mental illnesses, IOW, hes LYING]]

"an early diagnosis may prevent"

[[theres that deceitful "may" thing again, notice the pattern of OP repeating ideas and phrases. thats a slick psychological game to program the reader to accept his baseless claims. May also means "may not"]]

" the student from living with an untreated mental illness"

[[thats the ONLY credible thing OP has written, but its shallow opinion, its clear op has no psych credentials and any fool can post an opinion]]

" and certainly will flag the student through NICS preventing them from purchasing firearms."

[[THAT is a bald faced lie. Here, from an AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE is the definition of "mental illness" in CONTEXT of a NICS check, not a fabricated context as OP presents - ( http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/index.cfm?ty=qa&iid=428 ) and a generic, inaccurate "test at a college" DOES NOT QUALIFY.]]

"    Also since most colleges do have an on campus clinic or nurses station, students diagnosed with early onset mental health issues could be monitored for medication compliance."

[[More false over-generalizations with another use of "might". What colleges do or do not have is red-herring (an evasive attempt to go off topic), the topic is RKBA.]]

    Your thoughts?
[["shall not be infringed" requires no thought. Evasion, deceit and traitorous acts against the Constitution DO take thought..]]

PS CC permits are un Constitutional too. Is there some part of the command "shall not be infringed" that is unclear?




And more on the NICS check:


Ps the false flag argument is that some phoney college evaluation test can be the basis for denying a NICS check, and it is a bald faced LIE.

THIS is the basis in LAW, not the opinion of anti gun activists:


Notice the question revolves around - not the mental condition of the person, but WHO HAS CARE, CUSTODY OR CONTROL OF THEM.

The law establishes that the person is not able to manage his own affairs:

" Lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage his own affairs."

which is not about HIM, its about who has CUSTODY of him, therefore LEGAL LIABILITY for him.


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Saturday, 14 July 2012
Topic: Constitutional





 I had to read this several times to "get it." What its about is all the attempts to get Obama out on eligibility have not been heard on merits, or the arguments, but on procedures, mainly "standing"

 "Standing" means the one coming before the Court has some real interest in the matter. I cant sue you because you robbed someone else, someone else would have to do that, crudely put.

this appears to be about invoking Standing by using Judys candidacy for US President, and an urgency in time citing the DNC Convention later this year. Uncommitted Delegates appear to be part of the question.

The Writ of Certorari is petitioning the Supreme Court to FORCE the GA Supreme Court to hear this.



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Monday, 9 July 2012
another subversive group in WA state- corporate personhood movement
Topic: Constitutional

Its a pretty cake, frosted with what appears to be as pure as the wind- driven snow, Constitutionalist- conservative, Patriotic layer, but underneath, it is subversive and progressive.

 This Cake comes in many flavors and forms, it always presents itself as a tempting treat to a Patriot who reveres the Constitution and rule of law, but underneath, always the same anti American elements-

 mainly, urging "democracy"

Last I checked, America is not a democracy.

The group is beating a drum that started, in my experience, back in the 1980s, I knew someone who was writing and speaking on the topic of eliminating corporate personhood. Its roots are in the Jesuit Social Justice movement.

 Their website:


My response:


I was interested as I knew someone who was writing and publishing on this topic  back in the 1980s, but after seeing the SUBVERSIVE elements on your literature and website, I cannot join you.

Your website and pamphlets advocate subversion of the United States and its Constitution.

1.) The US is NOT a democracy. It is subversive to advocate replacing our Constitutional Republic with a Democracy. There are lots of Left wing operatives out there shouting "American Democracy" but what they actually mean is to REPLACE our Constitution with democracy. Democracy is a feature of Communist and Socialist states. If you truly do not understand the problem, get various old history texts that discuss Alexander the Great and his invention of demokratia. It is not American.

The Founders had the option to use democracy and chose not to.

2.) There are lots of politically subversive Troll groups like yours trying to find any trick available to amend the Constitution. The Constitution is not the problem, it is a LEGAL problem. Once the flood-gates of Amending the C are open, then other subversive causes like term limits can be pursued, eventually gutting the C. itself.

3.) the false generalization about "Constitutional rights" - there is no such thing, the C. does not grant rights, and if it did, it could be amended to eliminate them. Our rights existed BEFORE and without the C., and there is no language within the C that generates or accords or distributes rights.

Rights in America are God given, not distributed by some group of persons.

Youre also playing a red herring, the premise up front is related to campaign contributions, but then changing to "corporte personhood." They are two different topics, and NEITHER is a Constitutional issue.

If/when the subversive elements were removed and the stated goal, of eliminating this rotten corporate structure, was being offered, then I could join and donate.

Until then, not going to happen.


EVERY one of these subversive Left wing groups, or more honest groups that have been infiltrated like the Tea Party and OWS ( I caught the local TP pushing a WA Bill that would allow people to vote twice, Blogged here), operate on a basic principle, to identify the founding principles of America, under-cut them, and replace them with Communist principles.

In this case, it's an ad-hominem attack on the Constitution by setting up some narrative such as "corporations are out of control" which is true, getting you and I on the bandwagon and donating money, while subverting the organization or cause, so that the end result is, they hope, a movement to open up, gut, then throw out the US Constitution.

Over my dead body...

The game here is that somehow the Constitution is the problem so it must be changed. These people somehow believe they know more about the Founding of this Nation and the intent of the Founders, and political/social/religious theories and the forces that drove the American Revolution, than did the Founders themselves. That belief is evident in the fact they want to change the Constitution.

If it needed changing, then OK, there is a process for that.

It does not. This is a complicated "blame the victim" scam.

It ESPECIALLY does not need opening up and modifing based on a problem with a LEGAL FICTION which is what corporate personhood is. If this is a problem, open the LAW up and change it.

 Their position is contradictory in that a corporation is not established under the Constitution, but they advocate operating on the Constitution as a remedy. Nonsense.

What this is is JACK STRAW at work, and I stumbled on an excellent example lately of Straws subversive intent -


 The Big Picture here is to allow, by hook or crook, Government to modify the Constitution, then to control it. Afterwards the Government is no longer under the control of the People through THEIR Constitution. This is happening in places, right now, like Egypt where a sitting Government (Muslim Brotherhood via proxy) is attempting to fashion its own Constitution.

The Constition in the US does two things:

 1.) forms Government

2.) limits Government and forbids it to infringe on Citizens Rights. 

 Remember that each time a question like this appears, is that question within the scope of LIMITED GOVERNMENT? This one is NOT.

PS I wrote two years ago about another subversive plank being floated through the Tea Party, some proposed legislation that, in part, advocated letting people VOTE TWICE until they got caught. Its blogged here somewhere.

PSS on the topic of corporations, money and political campaigns, THAT ALREADY EXISTS - its called CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. Why doesnt this group jump on THAT bandwagon?

Think about it... 

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Thursday, 5 January 2012
Topic: Constitutional




This is called 'conditioning"



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