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Dave's 2A Blog
Friday, 14 January 2011
FBI harassing Blogger on the behalf of a SO CALLED TEA PARTY CANDIDATE
Topic: Constitutional

 “This could be a knee-jerk reaction to the Tucson situation,” he said. “If you satisfy them you’re not a threat—they won’t be back.”"

1.) Could have been my ass. "Threats" as seen by a CREDIBLE LEO agency are based on CREDIBLE DATA, not OPINION or CLEAR RETALIATION as it the case here. If there was clear evidence, then go bust said Blogger, if not, leave him alone.

COULD HAVE BEEN IS NOT A VALID LEGAL STANDARD. It "could have been" is vague and subjective. "Could have been based on what evidence that would warrant a warrant?

But that doesnt play into the manipulation and GOVT TERRORISM game. "Terrorism" is not primarily about "killing people" its "making people afraid"

2.) if YOU satisfy them" is how the Spanish Inquisition worked. Make a false claim and make the VICTIM PROVE IT.

"“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation."

Say WHAT? Citizen has to go to the local SD to tell them the FEDS ARE IN HIS COUNTY? "The SHERIFF is behind this", is how it looks from here.

The problem is that while the Govt wastes time harassing Citizens, Al Qaida gets to see what a bunch of Keystone Cops they are, learn their methods, weakenesses, learn how to EXPLOIT the system. When it does come time for a REAL Islamic attack, these clowns wont know what to do but start the Clown Car and toot the horn in VAIN.

 Part of this is to stay RELEVANT. There are no credible threats, so they have to INVENT them.



Local blogger claiming FBI intimidation

Local blogger Clay Bowler said newly-elected 7th District Rep. Billy Long has tried to silence him before. And, after the FBI paid him a visit at his Ozark home Jan. 12, he thinks he’s trying to do it again.

“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation.

Bowler writes the Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom blog and said he’s been critical of Long since his candidacy for Congress. Bowler is also the author of the Long is Wrong blog that’s been gone since Long won the general election in November.

“I’ve poked fun at Billy,” Bowler said. “Part of it was satire—exposing Billy as not being a real Tea Party candidate.”

Bowler said Long even offered him a job on his campaign if he would give up his critical blogging.

Bowler was accompanied to the Sheriff’s Department by Michael Wardell, Nixa, who was also on the Republican primary ticket. Wardell said he just wanted to support his friend in what he believes to be intimidation.

“Clay is a friend,” he said. “This almost smacks of an overreach of power.”

Kyle said he was unaware that an FBI agent, along with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, paid a 30-minute visit to Bowler, but cautioned against an overreaction.

“This could be a knee-jerk reaction to the Tucson situation,” he said. “If you satisfy them you’re not a threat—they won’t be back.”


Posted by Dave at 10:00 AM PST
Monday, 10 January 2011
Todays significant news - SHOOTING
Topic: General politics

Seven people hurt in Detroit bus stop shooting

Seven people, at least five of them high-school students, were shot Tuesday at a bus stop in Detroit, Michigan, officials said.

Two of the victims were in critical condition; the others were in serious condition at area hospitals, Police Chief Roderick Grimes said.

"Two perpetrators, possibly three, pulled up in a vehicle, exited their vehicle with weapons, asked for a person by name and then opened fire onto the crowd," he said.

"They got back in their vehicle and exited the scene."


 So, why doesnt THIS MAKE NATIONAL NEWS? Why are all the Leftist Hearts Bleeding over the shooting of the Congressman from AZ

[Education moment- she is a "man", man means species. There is no distinction between male an female in the word "man" Thats for you feminists out there who have lost use of proper English]

Why am I not looking at THAT incidence? Because that one was STAGED.

What about the Leftist cry of "THE CHILDREN..." This was a SCHOOL SHOOTING, there are two more than in the incident in AZ?

 Other significant news:

14 people BRUTALLY MURDERED IN MEXICO- their heads cut off their bodies. Rampant border crime, drugs, murder, NONE of that was seen fit by the Radical Left media to make headlines. 

 Why, you ask? Isnt the traitorous cry for "gun control" a factor in all the above?

Yes, but thats not the central question. Theres a much larger game going on, and "gun control" is just another card in the deck.  Here is the Ace of Spades:

   I should have written here the presumption that the Radical Left will wait till the Rs take over to turn the Nation to crap. Theyll accelerate the economic collapse, or simply, suddenly admit how bad it is and precipitate a down turn. Theyll do any rotten thing to have something to blame on conservatives.

 Like stage a shooting in AZ. MUCH TOO CONVENIENT. Another CONgressman just CONVENIENTLY waiting with proposed, treasonous, anti gun legislation IMMEDIATELY after they just read the CONSTITUTION which FORBIDS IT. 

 Whats the lives of a couple people in their lust for totalitarian control? Whats throwing some school children under the bus (pardon the pun) in Detroit to suit their agenda? NOTHING.


Whats really sick about these people is that they have no problem seizing upon, manipulating others tragedies to suit their political aims.

 Its a game called "school yard bully." Weve all seen it at school, shook our heads in amazement when the Teacher or Principal TOOK SIDES WITH THE BULLY. Bully goes around threatening people and when one of them stands their ground, the Principal sides with the AGRESSOR, DESIPITE THE FACT HE IS KNOWN FOR IT.

  There are several points of sick and twisted psychology at play:

1 .) Manipulation. Two kinds, re-read the statement above about seizing on others tragedies, plus this- the manipulator always tries to persuade others to join their cause. Im trying to persuade you to join my cause, but MINE happens to be RESTORATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION. Theirs is DESTROYING IT for the sake of their own power.

Little Sally gets in a spat with Suzy and wants retaliation, wants more force behind her cause, so she goes a-lying to Mary and Betty saying that "Suzy said something bad about them" Mary and Betty had nothing in it, and are being manipulated with a lie to take sides, where no sides exist. 

  Manipulation. Obamas attempt to invoke this as a National tragedy. It ISNT. Its an AZ matter. She is an AZ Congressman. The President (Kennedy) was a National tragedy because a.) he was a good man b.) the President is 'of the United States' as a whole.

2 .) 'good cop, bad cop' of a sorts. The Principal (Govt) wants improper and absolute power. When there are no problems, they have to INVENT them to have occasion to assert their supposed authority. Nothing is happeneing at the School, no one is afraid of the Principal (or the Principal has no one to lord his authority over on a power trip). The Principal cant stir up a ruckus without calling attention to himself as being at fault or getting fired, so he employs the BULLY to do it FOR HIM.

  Enter the Bully. The Pricipal not only KNOWS what the Bully is up to, but approves of it, because of the ingroup-outgroup thing - three groups- Principal (supposed authority figure), bully (de-facto, I think, is the proper term, acting in fact, but improperly). The Principal is a TERRORIST in using the Bully (crime, drugs, Illegal Mexicans, Islamic threat, real or not (actualized or not), gun control, false arrest, illegal wiretapping) to commit acts of agression against the Students without being caught, and its a perfect play because the Principal is also in charge of discipline in the School and is free to let the Bully off.

  Until a Parent speaks up, then they attack the Parent, but the Bully has no hold. A College tried that crap with me (me personally, they thought Id fall for the submissive frightened Student crap) and I stuck my foot about a yard up their asses and told the State AG where to jump. They thought I'd play along with their corrupt games until I reminded them I WAS A CITIZEN WHO OWNED THEM. They learned who they had no hold over. It wasnt Grade school, and me with cash in hand for Tuition was in charge, and in charge of hiring and firing them...

   If a Student dares speak up, or kicks the Bully in the nuts, the Principal comes down on him full of mock rage and demonizes and punishes him for SELF DEFENSE. Can't have an Honest Student interfering with the racket, can we?

  So, why not Detroit news, but shooting of an authority figure? The shootings in Detroit are HOW THEY WANT THE GAME TO GO, no sense in blowing their cover on that one or, put another way, no point in risking pissing more people off by attempts at gun control legislation over that incident. They have to either INVENT one or WAIT TILL ONE HAPPENS and seize on it to FURTHER THEIR AGENDA.

  The City and School allowing a shooting to ocurr is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, the Bully assists the Principal in a power grab. They keep that one quiet, THE SCAM IS WORKING.

B U T--- when someone breaks up their game, does something non-linear like the shooting in AZ, their cover is blown and they have no option but to play trump, and out they trot with their PREPACKAGED GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION.

 Now the bully (Govt allowing violent crime, especially through gun control laws which are PROVEN TO INCREASE CRIME- a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY) is not so much neutralized, but another Bully who doesnt answe to the Principal is in charge, and he captures the national media, who are nothign but a bunch of whores lusting after trash to print to make money. Govt cant have anyone breaking in on their game of media complicity, so they have to divert the matter into gun control.

It's TREASONOUS to do so...

  Its the same game as in the Arab/Israeli "conflict". The UN establishes the Land of Israel ( strange manipulation, "giving" them THEIR OWN LAND) and then employs PLO and Hamas as bullies to rain down on Sderot and blow up bus stops (that came to me from an eye witness, thats not internet legend) THEN TAKE SIDES WITH A MURDEROUS BULLY.

    End game, the UN hates Israel and is looking for an excuse to un-do the land grant. 

  But when Israel is attacked, and takes a DEFENSIVE action, the UN demonizes Israel. The game is to ignore the root cause (Hamas shooting rockets on Monday) and focusing on Israel bombing a rocket position in Gaza on Friday as the start of the incident, thus making up Israel as the agressor. 


Posted by Dave at 8:28 AM PST
Updated: Monday, 10 January 2011 8:49 AM PST
Tuesday, 4 January 2011
Now playing in Europe-- coming here soon!
Topic: Economy, what's left of


Not that Id give CSM the time of day... 

And todays load of FECES from Obamas mouth: 

President Obama challenged congressional Republicans to embrace the "shared responsibility" of governance even as the White House appears ready to use unilateral executive powers" 

The President DOES NOT HAVE POWER. The President has RESPONSIBILITY. CONgress MAKES the laws, the President CARRIES THEM OUT. Its not a back and forth, shared thing. The CONgress has the authority to over-ride a Presidential veto. 

Read the US CONSTITUTION and underline any passage that gives the president "power" 

Posted by Dave at 9:23 AM PST
Tuesday, 28 December 2010
how to tell a Liberal is LYING
Topic: Constitutional

Abercrombie is LYING. Know how I can tell? When a LIBERAL has nothing substantive to go on, but has an AGENDA to push, they ALWAYS resort to AD HOMINEM ATTACKS.

 Notice he doesnt say "lets clear the record" - he ATTACKS everyone else who is questioning the CONSTITUTIONALITY of Obamas election.

But, he has to attack others and LIE about them, claiming they have a politcal agenda. But what HES DOING IS NOT  A POLITICAL AGENDA?

And apparently hes going to ignore his own States LAWS in his agenda? 

Add HYPOCRISY to the charged.

Listen CAREFULLY to Manning:


Posted by Dave at 5:03 PM PST
Thursday, 23 December 2010
Topic: Constitutional



  Yes, its STUPIDITY to prosecute over 1/16th of an OUNCE.

 What this is is two things:

1 .) The JURY DID MEET and decide, they just did it outside of the PAY TO PLAY legal system.

2.) notice the "con" comments on the article are pro Govt and AD HOMINEM

3.) the paper is LYING with their title of "mutiny". The Jurors now should prosecute the paper for LIBEL.

 The papers writers are clearly biased.

Resist the urge to side with the State (Stockholm Syndrome), put away any pre-conceived notions you might have and look at the FACTS:

1.) he had a SIXTEENTH of an ounce.

2.)  they had been unable to prosecute and persecute him to their personal satisfactions, so they roll out RETALIATION.

The Jury has apparently had enough harassment and MONEY WASTING.

Who makes money here?

1.) Legislatures (make law$ for PROFIT)

2.) Police (make$ money enforcing these law$ 

3.) Courts (Judges make$ money holding trial$

4.) detention system (there is no rehabilitation, its warehou$ing for CA$H

5.) $ocial $ervice$ $ystem make$ dollar$ $tolen from taxpayer$..


No pro$ecution$, no PAYOUT$


Posted by Dave at 12:42 PM PST
Wednesday, 22 December 2010
Topic: General politics



Prosecute and execute them before they transgress into Jaywalking and daring to uphold the Constitution... 

Posted by Dave at 6:41 PM PST
Supposed "bug" in City Building
Topic: General politics

Bug found in ceiling my EYE:


The photo show a HEADPHONE SPEAKER, not a mic, nor part of a bug.

 Technology does exist to use a loud speaker as a mic, but not one of those little 4 ohm jobs, there's not enough impedance (a 4 ohm speaker is a dead short, more or less) and cone area to get that done. ESPECIALLY not in a ceiling with the horrendous elecrical noise flying around from lights and power cables. I tested a slightly larger version of that speaker on an expen$ive oscilloscope, the speaker could not detect my whistle beyond a foot.

Anyone with the technology to make a bug and hide it isnt going to use a speaker for a mic, especially after finding out that it wouldnt make any useful audio unless they shouted directly into it, let alone above a suspended ceiling. Anyone who is going to the trouble to hide it in the ceiling would test the unit first.

Just take any portable tape recorder and notice it wont pick up useful audio from more than a few inches away. Not a chance in a ceiling. 

Some construction workers old defunct Walkan? A hoax to put a speaker in the ceiling and play "find the strange noise"? Not a bug... 

 PS I wrote to the "Reporter" and explained clearly that this could NOT have been a bug, sent him test data from the oscilloscope test, see the story has been left floating as if its the truth.


Cover up everywhere.

Posted by Dave at 11:57 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2012 10:30 AM PST
Saturday, 18 December 2010
Topic: General politics



since the immediate issue is Obamas lack of Citizenship, it is obvious this is RETALIATION against Manning sending the FBI packing from his Church a few months ago. The Feds came to his Church to harass him and they left in a half hour. Im guessing he told them where to go and drew them  a map.

SO, for retaliation, they have to wait till hes on a Mil base. Some Commander needs to be arrested and fired for allowing this on his base. 

 Trespass, under law I know of (several States) is NOT ACTIONABLE UNLESS THE ONE REFUSES TO LEAVE WHEN CONFRONTED BY THE POLICE. Thats how it is in WA State.


  If they had to 'look at him very carefully, WHY NOT BEFORE LETTING HIM THROUGH THE GATES?



 "We will respond appropriately" hopfully means hell sue the f*** out of them. 





Posted by Dave at 1:44 PM PST
Friday, 3 December 2010
soapbox time- I TOLD YOU SO
Topic: General politics


Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time

"Federal law enforcement agencies have been tracking Americans in real-time using credit cards, loyalty cards and travel reservations without getting a court order, a new document released under a government sunshine request shows."

"Rewards cards" MY ASS.

Anyone still FOOL enough to not believe in the POLICE STATE?


And, the State of WA caught tracking credit card transactions to collect Sales Tax, I got second hand (reliable source) info that a TC resident bought an item in OR (no sales tax in OR for WA residents) on CC and the State sent him a bill for tax.


CORRUPTION eveywhere.

Posted by Dave at 9:59 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2012 10:32 AM PST
Tuesday, 30 November 2010
the Food Safety Crackpots are at it again (S 510)

Crackpots webpage:


OFFICIAL text of S 510 at the Senate website (a RELIABLE source, not some bunch of fringe crackpots):


Analysis? There is no point in attempting to analyse or discuss outright LIES as it only gives fuel to the liars. YOU use YOUR computer to look at each of their claims and compare them to the Bill text. USe the Browser search function Ctrl-F (or similar in Adobe) and search the Bills sections for their claims. I did. They are NOT there. 

This proposed Legislation affects food producing BUSINESSES who are more or less already regulated under Federal Law hoping to have enforcement authority in cases like the pet food contamination.

 This pack of lies, along with most fringe websites/claims are about discrediting people who are genuinely concerned about corrupt, runaway, unaccountable Government. This CRAP is deliberately planted to suck in innocent , uneducated people and pull them from a reasonable position off to the fringes, once there, they, and more importantly, their position, is discredited.

Take Oklahoma City for example. World renown US GOVERNMENT EXPERTS testified that the ANFO bomb could not have caused the column damage. Partin points out exactly where the shaped charges had to have been placed. He is a US MILITARY EXPERT on explosives.

Along come self proclaimed experts like this bunch in Canada making wild, unsubsantiated claims that ignorant people are quick to latch onto, deliberately creating false information to discredit the scrutiny against our Government. Since Partin et al are aligned on the same side, the attack is used to wholesale dismiss the entire 'government had a hand in it' argument. 

Heres a very simple bullshit detector thats extremely effective in telling who is lying and who isnt. Notice that on the crackpot page, wild claims are made, but WITHOUT PROOF, OR EVIDENCE, and with, more importantly, NO REFERENCES TO THE BILL they are pretending to critique.

Back to OKC. Two parties, one claims there were shaped demolition charges placed on the columns, the opposition says no such thing happened.  There are two problems here that show who cannot be trusted:

1.) Partin puts a PROOF to his statement, he is an explosives expert. Here are his claims:


the "opposition' never cite verifiable facts, figures etc (the website just above citing Partin shows analysis by the laws of PHYSICS, not opinion) and usually resort to ad hominem or red herring (personal attacks or evasiveness)

  I could not go to this website and attack Partin (pretending for a moment I wanted to discredit the 'govt had a hand in it' movement), I'd have to change the subject to "it couldnt have happened that way because no one was seen on security cameras planting charges on pillars" which is evasive because physical evidence proves the point charge in the van could not possibly have sharply sheared off reinforced concrete columns, and secondly is evasive because I cannot claim something did not happen and prove that statement. It is impossible to prove a negative. The problem with the 'con' side is that the only way to prove the charges had not been placed on columns would be to have security cameras on the columns inside the building and that is negated by the fact the Government would have access to them and could have turned them off or deleted the video.

2.) Partin (presumably) has no 'dog in the fight' (i.e. he has no meaningful connection to the OKC event, hes an interested bystander but thats about it). The Government, on the other hand, is KNOWN for lying through its teeth and if involved in the bombing has everything to hide. 

Posted by Dave at 10:34 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 11:00 AM PST
Thursday, 25 November 2010
why ex mil shouldnt be cops
Topic: General politics

Ive been ranting about this especialyl on the newspaper sites, saying ex mil should not be police, because mil are trained to instictively kill anyone they oppose, and its the police job not to mow citizens down in the street, but to adhere to DUE PROCESS.

 My position is now vindicated. Unfortunately. Sometimes I hate being right..




Posted by Dave at 10:51 PM PST
The Inflation LIE
Topic: Economy, what's left of



" "A gauge linked to Wednesday's income and spending reported showed that inflation is running lower."

exactly, DEFLATION, no matter how the Fed lies about it.
We are in DEFLATION regardless of the spin. Were in Stag-deflation. values have declined because no one has money to spend, thus they MUST decline to attract buyers. PRICES have remained (elevated) at pre crash levels in a VAIN attempt to sell goods and services (which few can afford even at deflated price levels). Greedy or desperate sellers pretending that the worth of their goods and services is high DOES NOT establish VALUE. It establishes that they cannot SELL their G/S.

But if we admit that there is deflation, then CONgress, Obama and the Fed are utter idiots and incompetent, a fact we knew all along.

 These lies are vainy and desperately trying to sell the idea the economy is growing, when it isnt. The title is correct, "as income grows" but it makes a false impression of cause and effect.  Spending is up only because there wasnt any before, but that doesnt prove any economic gain, because <DUH> the economy IS NOT ALL SPENDING.

 That was the Model that led to the CRASH.

Posted by Dave at 9:04 AM PST
Wednesday, 17 November 2010
so why is TSA lying??
Topic: General politics

...except its NORMAL for the Fed to LIE.

 Our GIVERNMENT has highly advanced explosives scanners that were developed by PNNL and tested at the Pasco, WA airport. My Chem prof helped develop them. Best I recall, they used an air-tight booth that puffed air around to pick up minute traces of explosives.



that doesnt facilitate the FEDERAL TERORIST STATE. They cant make people AFRAID (terrorize them) by not doing intrusive searches and threats. Proving again, OUR GOVT ARE THE TERRORISTS, NOT ISLAM. 


PS Hanidays phone lines were so overloaded the number went down twice today, or more. I tried to call and got an out of service twice. 

Posted by Dave at 11:29 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 17 November 2010 3:07 PM PST
Saturday, 30 October 2010
about the supposed bombs- or real...
Topic: General politics


"a toner cartridge for a Hewlett Packard printer contained a hidden suspect device. The source said the bomb was "cleverly disguised" and a "substantial" device which contained explosives. It was wired with a mobile phone, most likely to act as a timer to detonate the device."

 The morons at the AP, as posted on Yahoo, claimed a "cell phone chip" which does not exist.

 A cell phone isnt much of a timer. Most have a timer function, but unless it has a tone output, its useless. More likely some operative would have called the phone when it landed, or called it from inside. IT would be much easier to get the stuff in the cargo hold instead of taking it in with a person. A person could easil y call from the passenger compartment to the cargo hold on any cell phone. Calling from the ground is impossible unless the plane is on the ground or not far above. The skin of an aircraft makes a darn good shield to radio frequency. Inside the cargo hold there are no windows for an outisde signal to 'shine' through which severely limits the range of reception.

 What to do? encase all cargo in solidly shielded containers that are RF- tight. That way outside signals cannot trigger anything. Then jam the contents. Real simple technology.A combination of shielding and jamming from inside makes the containers contents utterly blind and deaf to outside triggering.


"Obama said: "I've also directed that we spare no effort in investigating the origins of these suspicious packages and their connection to any additional terrorist plotting. Although we are still pursuing all the facts, we do know that the packages originated in Yemen. We also know that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, a terrorist group based in Yemen,"

These morons couldnt find their asses with an anatomy book. Good thing we have reliable friends in the U.K.

Would we not have a MUSLIM SYMPHATHIZER IN THE WHITE HOUSE, we'd reduce Yemen to ashes then dare any other Nation who harbors terrosits to screw with us.

 But, thats not the UN Doctrine...


 And for the "Im not that stupid" photo:



Yeah, right , leave an oh-so dangerous plane parked near the TERMINAL, with lots of FUEL on board, will all these VEHICLES parked nearby?

 First thing Id do is TOW THE PLANE AWAY. See the cart they connected to provide power etc to the plane? Why connect it if we expect it to blow up?

 This appears to be a toner /ink cartridge with some white substance and wires. Look at the wires, they appear to be about 18 AWG, which proves the white mass is very small. Probably not enough to even damage the cargo container, but enough to make a bad scene in an office setting when the printer is powered up.





And this bullshit:

""As a precaution, DHS has taken a number of steps to enhance security," the Homeland Security Department said in a statement. "Some of these security measures will be visible while others will not.""

What, they havent ALREADY PUT THE SECURITY PROCEDURES IN PLACE? Did they just wake up to a bomb threat to airplanes?

Like I said above, good thing we have COMPETENT FRINEDS OVERSEAS because the US Govt couldnt (or refuses to) find its ass with both hands.

Posted by Dave at 9:50 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 11:06 AM PST
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
"Change' - a psycopaths doctine?
Topic: General politics

 recall what Obama ran on, and duped half a voting population on, and continues to suck them in on - "CHANGE"

 "Change" is a set of complex ideas reduced to a child-ish, over simplistic term.

 Has "change" ocurred? Yes, RIGHT DOWNHILL. Economy further in the crapper with massive, deliberate and destructive DEBT caused by CONgress with willing accomplice Obama.

Blaming it on the people. After all, didn't they "vote for change?" (blaming the victim)

  This might sound reasonable, based on the straw argument that it was unavoidable, except I didn't fall for it, and neither did much of America.

I simply went to the trouble to see what world leading economists (EXPERTS IN ECONOMICS) said on the topics of the economy, runaway spending, helicopter drops of money- and they agreed none of it would work.

I posted this here.

They told you so.

It didn't work in 1930. 

And now, for what Im aiming at- a psychopath for a President.

"Narcissistic" is not enough. Obama's destructive path for American Govt cannot be explained by narcissism, for even a narcissist, who places himself at the center of the universe, should also carry an instinct for self preservation, thus, the narcissist should try and arrange things to protect and preserve himself.

Obama and CONgress have not done so.

The catch is that they had MORE access to the expert economists that I, and the same ones as I. They DID know that the leading economists warned the economy was not recoverable regardlessof how much debt they created.

Destructive debt, for years to come. Nation wrecking debt for 3 generations to come, is the word from WA Congressional Candidate Williams at a mixer at the Holiday inn in Richland, WA. I was there. Williams has a business and economics background and doesnt make that statement lightly. Also realize that 3 generations is not  a couple years, its upwards of 100 YEARS

Read about the new (2006) developments in the study of psychopathy - Individuals incapable of feeling for others.

"So who are psychopaths? Broadly speaking, they are people who use manipulation, violence and intimidation to control others and satisfy selfish needs. They can be intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions."


We generally think of psychopaths as the famous killers who kill others with absolutely no remorse. Apparently the matter is not that simple.

But, if that (manipulative, controlling, without guilt, remorse...) isn't the current MO of Obamas Govt, what the hell is?

Here's a slightly humorous example of a test for psychopathy:


 There was a similar test in my College Psych class about a woman having an affair who was randomly murdered. I'm the only one who caught the 'jist' and answered correctly. Everyone but me answered that SHE was responsible for her own murder because she was having an affair. (blaming the victim)

And THESE morons are the future of the Nation? God can't even help us.

"People think (psychopaths) are just callous and without fear, but there is definitely something more going on,” Newman says."

"Callous" and "without fear" are also a result of  defense mechanisms. One might become de-sensitized to repeated abuse, for example, and become somewhat numb to it.

  I do not think thats Obamas angle, I truly believe he is a psychopath:

"But Newman has a different idea entirely. He believes that psychopathy is essentially a type of learning disability or “informational processing deficit” that makes individuals oblivious to the implications of their actions when focused on tasks that promise instant reward. Being focused on a short-term goal, Newman suggests, makes psychopathic individuals incapable of detecting surrounding cues such as another person’s discomfort or fear.

That, dear Reader, is the RELIGION OF CHANGE. CHANGE AT ANY COST. CHANGE AT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Change while ignoring Voting laws. Change while destroying the economy for 3 generations, despite the facts that:

a.) the same Progressive policies that failed in the 1930s were used again  (definition of insanity - doing the same thing again expecting a different result)

b.) modern Economists warned it would fail

And that is EXACTLY what the Radical Left is up to.

More observations:

"Being focused on a short-term goal, Newman suggests, makes psychopathic individuals incapable of detecting surrounding cues such as another person’s discomfort or fear."

SOLELY focused on short term goals, in specific, solely looking at preserving Obama for Obamas sake by trying to claim victory by spending insane amounts  of money - thrown down a hole. Worse, if it were down a hole, someone might climb down after it, to get it. He and CONgress are spending for NO result.


"In a study he repeated in different prison populations, for instance, Newman examined how quickly psychopathic and non-psychopathic individuals respond to a series of mislabeled images, such as a drawing of a pig with the word “dog” superimposed on it."

Clearly, repeatedly unable (not unwilling) to recognize a CLEAR CONTRADICTION.

Posted by Dave at 1:04 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 11:27 AM PST

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