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Dave's 2A Blog
Sunday, 30 January 2011
Todays must-read- Al A-Jazeera- marginilization and poverty
Topic: General politics

" Conventional wisdom has it that 'terror' in the Arab world is monopolised by al-Qaeda in its various incarnations. There may be some truth in this.
However, this is a limited viewpoint. Regimes in countries like Tunisia and Algeria have been arming and training security apparatuses to fight Osama bin Laden. But they were caught unawares by the 'bin Laden within': the terror of marginalisation for the millions of educated youth who make up a large portion of the region's population.
The winds of uncertainty blowing in the Arab west - the Maghreb - threaten to blow eastwards towards the Levant as the marginalised issue the fatalistic scream of despair to be given freedom and bread or death."



 " It is no exaggeration to claim that since 9/11 so-called radicalisation has replaced new Orientalism as the prism through which Western security apparatuses view Middle Eastern youth and societies. Guantanamo Bay, profiling, extraordinary renditions, among others, are only the tip of the iceberg. "

And it KEEPS that template to keep itself relevant. If theres actively no 'boogey-man' then we either keep resurrecting the PREVIOUS ONE, or we INVENT ONE, or when suficient time has elapsed that the previous can no longer be valid, we DO IT OURSELVES. 

The last is what Ive been ranting about - GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM.

Its far too convenient, especially in an era of financial collapse when especially the un-Constitutional Administration is desperate to stay relevant and keep its shop open.

Notice these Egypt stories- this is how itll look when it happens HERE. 

Posted by Dave at 9:22 AM PST

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