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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 29 March 2010
Waco II- Storm Troopers arrest militia members in Michigan
Topic: General politics

  Theres been a post on the back burner a-waiting for a current relevant story as an illustration, and thats the one about Jack Booted Janet. Todays media Circus about the  oh so dangerous Militia in Michigan is just the story ive been waiting for. Or not waiting for, or waiting for and hoping to not happen...you get the drift.

 First some inside info on Waco you didn't know, but need to.  Notice the common element in Waco and this incident, the RELIGION link. Thats meaningful.

Michigan story in Detroit paper

Now, bear with me as we go back Memory Lane to BEFORE Waco, to the SETUP.  Its all about an internal battle in the Seventh Day Adventist Church you didnt hear about.

Years ago, there was a massive, more or less anti Roman Catholic religious movement in the early 1800s (see, I told you we were going way back) called the Advent Movement. It resurrected and attempted to expound on (with marginal success) the Protestant Reformers of the Dark Ages and their doctrine that the Church of Rome was the harlot of Revelation. Thats a whole 'nother story we cant get into here because of lack of bandwidth.

  Several religions denominations such as SDA, LDS, Jehovahs Witnesses sprang out of the prophecy movement that attended. The movement fizzled out by roughly 1900 and about the only remainder was theology in the SDA Church, and history books.

   Somewhere after the 1960s, the SDA church began to seriously crumble from within from doctrinal watering-down. The church left its "pillars" as they are called, which refers to fundamental beliefs.

 There was some generalized resistance against this breakdown until it became a movement around 1990 (I don't recall exactly when it happened, and there may not have been an "exactly when" date) known as the "Independent SDA" movement. The Independents returned to the founding beliefs and practices of the Church which were so reformist that they were becoming Judaistic.

 About the same time as the Roman Catholic Church started hemmoraging members from internal struggles, they also started to infiltrate the SDA Church which was more or less the only group still exposing the prophetic identity of the RC as the undesirable entity in Revelations (the book of the Bible. The claim of "infiltrate" is not mine, it was witnessed by Samuele Bacchiocchi, the esteemed SDA Theologian from Andrews University. Sam had pulled a 'fast one' on the RC Church by becoming the only outsider to ever get through their high powered University, and Sam wrote a Thesis on the Sabbath and it was approved by the Church, which they later regretted because it was a modern expose on the fact the Church has invented Sunday worship in place of the ancient (Judaistic) Sabbath. But thats another story.

Sam testified in person in Nevada, Iowa around 2000 that he had caught one of his instructors receiving mailed marching orders on how to teach from Georgetown U. Another story yet. This is just what happened, I'm not preaching here, its just history.

 Anyhoo,  theres a giant split in the SDA Church over/during this time/events and the split is BANKRUPTING the financially incompetent/increasingly insolvent SDA Church who was, at the time, bankrupting its Health System. The Catholics bought much of it and rescued it. Apparently good hospitals both before and after.

  The organized Conference Church HATED the Independent movement which had absolutely no hesitation in calling a spade a spade and tried to shut the Independent movement down. It didn't work.

  Now, the Waco tie in. Contrary to (or maybe in addition to) what the Media told you about Waco, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians WERE NOT KOOKS. I know EXACTLY what they believed, taught and lived, because I saw it in the Independent Movement- they were part of it that wanted to be left alone. I saw some of Koreshs videos, they were lock, stock and barrell Independent SDA. Nothing whacko, just the teachings of the early SDA Church. To the best of my knowledge, they did not participate in the broader movement to expose the Conference Church corruption (I have more than enough religion/SDA knowledge to use the term
"corruption" as an expert) and theres the problem, the CHURCH COULD NOT USE ANYTHING AGAINST THEM- they werent in the fray.

  I got information, from where I don't recall, and I wish I'd chased it further down) that the "info" that led to the assault on Waco came from SDA sources in Australia (theres an unhappy past with SDAs in Australia, another story yet). Shortly after that, one John (lfrom Florida, his ast name escapes me at the moment) warned his employees to keep the TV production vans locked to prevent weapons from being planted in them while they were out videoing Church services.

  There was eventually enough attack against much of the Independent movement that it somewhat fell apart. But not Koresh. Apparently they had their own little thing in TX and weren't bothering anyone. Or the Church had no leverage to attack them with.

   Realize the SDA Conference Church is HEMORRAGING MONEY at this point. Members are walking out and/or not paying Tithes. Were talking millions/billions, not chump change. I saw the Tithe income at an Ohio church TURN OFF LIKE A SPIGOT when they started introducing some nonsense or another for religious teachings.

  Then out of the blue, David Koresh is dangerous and attacked by the Feds with a flame throwing tank. You didnt see that on the TV reports, but I was fortunate to see the raw video feed that the Constitutional Lawyer Linda Thompson (or was it Tomlinson) from Indy, Indy was distributing. It showed the Jack Booted Thugs (the term borrowed from Nazi Germany and applied to the black clad Police SWAT teams members- there was a German imported sort of boot being sold then that was being worn) attacking the compound- with NO ATTACK IN RETURN. There was NO fire from insde the house, in fact, the Davidians had locked themselves in a cellar and burned to death when the Storm Troopers lit the place on fire. It showed a Thug shooting hmself in the right leg with his own gun while ascending a ladder. It showed five (best I recall the number) of JBTs on a roof top, 2 or 3 entered thru a window and the outsiders remaining IMMEDIATELY opened fire thru the wall, obviously killing or injuring those who just entered. It showed the ammo dump on fire/smoldering with JBTS walking near it. (ammo in a fire is not particularly dangerous, I've tried it, an unchambered round has no force) and showed a military tank punching through a wall in the building and when retreating, a flame thrower igniting and setting the building on fire.

Thats what the Media hid from you.

I'd talked with Linda shortly after that and she told me about the black helicopter (in Indy, I assume) that "bombed the wrong house"(attacking her house, so they thought). Thats not Internet lore, she told me that.

  The M.O. is the same here, organized RELIGIOUS group under attack from OVERWHELMING MILITARY FORCE. Does it take such force to apprehend a few gun toting religious folk? Of course, they trot out the MI leaders Ex wife who has an axe to grind against him. WHy didnt they infiltrate the group and take it down from the inside? Why dont they similarly take action agsint ILLEGAL ALIEN FELONS and DRUG DEALERS?

F ollow the money, honey. Theres the history, now watch the show. And watch the "evidence" gleaned from the Internet where any Chinese hacker can plant it. Theyre hacking the Pentagon...Thats what I call a reliable chain of evidence!

 Also watch to see any effect of publicity because the internet is so prolific whereas it was not in the Waco days.

And just take a wild guess as to how many more of these groups are in the Midwest. And notice the only valid complaint besides a possibly made up internet threat is that they were engaging in military style training. 

Posted by Dave at 12:32 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 29 March 2010 12:36 PM PDT

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