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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 15 March 2010
Topic: General politics

I just received the 2010 Census form and as suspected, its illegal. Its in violation of the Paperwork Reduction Act, USC 44:


 The Census are playing games with words, they have attempted to invent some "authorization number" which is an expired 2006 Census OMB Control number with a "-C" added to the end.

 There is no such thing as an OMB Authorization Number. "Authorization" is a process, a "Control Number" is a result.

 The 2010 form has no OMB CONTROL NUMBER.

 There is no vaild OMB Control Number listed as issued by DoC ESA listed on the GSA website:


[correction, there is a vaild number, it does not appear on the form, there was an expired 2006 number on the DoC ESA website, I cant find the .pdf at this moment] 

(select Department of Commerce" from the "Select Agency" dropdown box)

The required statement under the PRA that 'no one is required to respond...if no vaild OMB COntrol Number appears' is not  on the form.

Obama has apparently taken control of Census from DoC (it appears under the White House website) but the form claims that Census is under DoC. Which one is it? 

There are multiple addresses to send the form back to, the pre-printed form sends it to Arizona, while the forms instructions say to send forms without a pre-printed envelope to Indiana. Why not AZ for both? 

Notice two other interesting things:

1.) The Decennial census is a Census of ENUMERATION, to count people for apportionment of Representation, NOT TO COUNT WHAT ETHENIC ORIGIN THEY ARE. There is no legal basis for asking about race, religion, age, income... ITS A HEAD COUNT.

Notice the BOX around question # 1 which asks for head count, it sets that question apart from all the others. Its the only one legal

2.) The back of the form states:

"You may E-mail comments to <Paperwork@census.gov>; use "Paperwork Project 0607-0919-C" as the subject."

Thats the number that appears on the front of the form. There is no such thing, who is inventing it and WHY?

Simple. Considering the form is asking info as to how many Hispanics are in the Nation, and the fraud by ACORN in voting, its an attempt to get Hispanic voters to vote DEMOCRAT.

Give me another valid reason?

More false statements:

"The Census must count every person living in the United States on April 1, 2010"

NO, the law does not say "must count by April 1," it says "as of April 1" which means there is 9 months on and after April 1 to count all who WERE population as of April 1. Forms completed and counted BEFORE APRIL 1 ARE ILLEGAL. 

It's simple, find where the Hispanics live, target them with more political advertising.

It's called HOAX AND CHAINS.


Next question, if this form is a "-C" revision, then where and what are the zeroth through "-B" revisions and who is getting which one? 





 =============== what I just posted to a newsgroup =======


 I just received a 2010 Census form. I suspected it would be illegal since Obama took Census over from Dept of Commerce (DoC). Search for the Census Bureau and itll appear under the White House.

The form, and letter that preceeded it, appear to be from Census under DoC. There appear to be TWO Census - question divisions.

Heres a link to the form:


USC 44 contains the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) which is Federal Law that requires that any collection of information be cleared thru the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and issued a "valid OMB Control Number" (direct quote) else no one is required to respond to it:

The PRA requires two things:

1.) A valid OMB Control Number
2.) A disclosure to the recipient of the collection (you and me) that we are not required to respond... read the title and notice the EXACT wording.

  Under USC 13, Census law, the 10-year Census is a Census of ENUMERATION, to count Citizens (****not illegal aliens****) for apportionment of Representation (in CONgress):


There has been false information floated as to what information is required to be given, and penalties for not giving it:

3.)The only info REQUIRED in a Census of Enumeration is HOW MANY at each address, NOT RACE, OR ETHNICITY

4.) The penalty for refusing to answer is a max of $100.00.

Think anyone gonna haul you into Federal Court for $100?

Just the opposite, read on...

The 2010 Census form is divided into two parts: (critical to notice)

5.) Question # 1 in a BOX BY ITSELF

6.) The rest of the questions about race, ethnicity, 'are you Hispanic'

Q #1 is the ONLY one thats required to be answered in a Census of Enumeration.

  At the bottom - left of the form, there is a PHONY statement that PRETENDS to be an OMB Control Number. It is an expired 2006 Census OMB Control Number with a "-C" suffix. It is referred to as an "approval number."


"Under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), OMB assigns an eight-digit OMB Control Number to each the agency information collection."


There is no such thing under Title 44 as an "approval number." "Approval" is a process to ultimately issue a "Control Number." Approval is a process, the Control Number is the result.

Id found, but cant find now, a list of expired OMB Control Numbers on the DoC ESA Website, maybe one of you can stumble across it.

 Notice the phony number appears in the part of the form that asks irrelavent questions, it is separated from the required question about number.

There is a false statement on the form that pretends that the Census must be taken BY APRIL 1st. This is contrary to Census Law which states the Census is taken only between April 1 (of every 10th year) and only for nine - months duration.

I received the form BEFORE it is valid. IT is NOT legal to collect Census information in MARCH. [The Control number is only valid between April 1 and December]

An allegedly valid OMB Control Number appears to have been issued to Census as appears on this web site:


(select Dept of Commerce from the first drop-down list)


  IF there is a "-C" suffix, then this implies that there are at least, possibly more than, FOUR DIFFERENT CENSUS FORMS, such as "Rev 0" (the original with a valid OMB COntrol number) and THREE PHONY VERSIONS or more. If so, those in excess of Rev 0 are illegal.

(Im borrowing "Rev 0" from engineering documentation as an illustration, there is no Rev number on the form)

 One of the questions after Q # 1 asks if the respondant is HISPANIC.

I have contacted our Congressional Rep. twice on this, no response yet. I have contacted a half dozen media outlets, no response. There wont be any.

There is no such thing as a Control Number with an ALPHA SUFFIX.

Look at this site, who are PARTNERS? ACORN. Groups out to count HISPANICS to load the apportionment to the Democrat/Leftist side with Hispanic voters. Especially if they VOTE TWICE:


"Partners" are ACTIVISTS out to increase the count of Hispanics, Indians ("other than white") for the OBVIOUS reasons, to get more Democrat votes.

Critical question: If they are legal residents, why bother? Wont they respond and be counted?

It may not be about that, its about, IMO, targeting the AREAS in which they live with political advertising. Illegal, maybe not, deceptive and divisive, underhanded? Absolutely

Do you think theyll prosecute you, an objecting Conservative White (or any other conservative race)? NO. They want to UN COUNT you.

Posted by Dave at 2:15 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 October 2010 11:23 AM PDT

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