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SHE SAID SHE SUPPORTS THE 2A- read about it in the Blog...

Subverions is a FELONY. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2013-14/Pdf/Bill%20Reports/
House/1062%20HBA%20JUDI%2013.pdf Why? Ive been pounding on them for their SUBVERSIVE
acts to pass gun laws, and on Washington Ceasefire as a SUBVERSIVE group. I contacted several
attorneys about filing charges with JAIL TIME against these people for SUBVERSION.

Now they want to make CRIME LEGAL. If you look at who is sponsoring this, you should find
they are also the anti gun subversives.

Evidence that the Executive Order (US Presidential) is being subverted to lay groundwork for an Executive coup
https://second-amendment.tripod.com/d2a/index.blog?start=1283295959  (24 March)
Then go to Whitehouse.gov and read O'Bombers EOs...see a change?

https://second-amendment.tripod.com/d2a/index.blog?start=1273850547 (15 March and 26 Jan entries)
O'Bomber took Census away from DoC to control it directly under the Whore House (its no longer the "White House", its being
used as a piece of crumpet for political gain) to subvert the Census of Enumeration to count illegal aliens so they
know where to target them for political advertising. Its a convoluted, confusing explanation, but youll get it...
Its for SURE that the question "are you Hispanic" has NOTHING to do with a head count.

Ballot measure floated in WA State to codify allowing people to VOTE TWICE until caught:

WA BAR REFUSES TO PROCESS GRIEVANCE against Reichland WA City attorney
caught red handed making an illegal ordinance and lying in Council session.
Its all DOCUMENTED here. See below.


Woman investigates an apparent massive fraud carried out by Judges inCA- money laundering under a ficticious corporate shell

foaming at the mouth pro Illegal Alien. When I see people that advocate crime, I have to ask "what other criminal activities
are they into?"
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Welcome to the home page of the
Second Amendment Blog

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The Pen might be mightier than the Sword, but an Internet Connection is FASTER than both!

Lots of websites and other sources have information on firearms and their carry, but much of it is erroneously
based in LAW, and not the Constitution. Here we will correct that error!

This site is partially dedicated to the contemptous law-breaking of the City of Richland WA.
I see they've just been busted for financial corruption in Section 8 housing. Time for a new Council!

 Contact: Dave = a_patriot@ymail.com

related materials    Document links, web page links, Op pieces on other related topics.

US Constitution, Federalist papers and other documents from the formation of our Nation

WA State Constitution: http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/constitution.aspx
Notice the wording of Art I, Sect. 24, POLICE ARE FORBIDDEN TO HAVE GUNS
They are employees of CORPORATIONS called CITIES.

Our "Non-Representing" Representatives and Senators, here and there:

Whats a non representing representative?


1.) Our Non-Representing Representative: (best one we have)
     Doc Hastings http://www.hastings.house.gov/ContactForm.aspx

2.) Our Non- Representing Representatives (they represent themselves, not us)
     Maria  Cantwell   http://cantwell.senate.gov/contact/
     Patty "Its all about me" Murray  http://murray.senate.gov/email/index.cfm

Marias Office wrote back to me and stated she supported the Second Amendment.
I hate being lied to..



(link to generic contact page, finds the Email contact page per your address.

Contact them and tell them how to VOTE. Its not about "asking"  or suggesting" - they are to represent
YOU in any matter EXCEPT Constitutional Rights, which no one can vote on. Our Non Representing
Representatives like "CantListen" and "Its all about me Murray" will not listen, unless  you advocate
THEIR POSITION. Thats the response I got from Murrays office on hate crimes legislation. One of her
skull full of mush employees had the gall to tell me I could understand THEIR position...

Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Bearing Arms - those are NOT on the table regardless of anyones political
viewpoint. When's the last time any of these so called "Representatives" actually asked YOU what to do?
Klippert is the closest I've ever seen to a real Representative.

Delvin promised to meet and discuss 2A matter with me
Delvin LIED to me, never heard from him. I confronted him in a Constituent meeting
in Reichland, handed him a copy of the email - no response. I've written to all three of these useless fools
several times about 2A matters, all were ignored. They DO have time for SPECIAL INTEREST causes.

Kilppert too, Ive emailed several times, no response.

AGO 2008 # 8, the now-famous Pre Emption Opinion from WA Attorney General McKenna:
                                                   Pre-emption AND REPEAL


what part of "preempted AND repealed" don't they understand? "repeal" means that any such
Ordinance that is in violation of RCW is NO LONGER EXISTS. Definition of REPEAL(ED) (Nolo)
Raging Against Self Defense, a paper by Sarah Thompson M.D. analyzing the anti-gun crowd
and what's psychologically wrong with them. Archived with credit to JPFO.
Thompson states that they are not mentally ill, I counter that anyone who puts himself
in harms way is questionable especially based on thinking contrary to reality.
Absolute PROOF with statistics that gun ownership all but ELIMINATES crime.
Link to Free Republic.com Kennesaw GA ain't got no crime no more...


After the Nightmare, from Jay Shapiro, commentator on Israel National Radio, with permission,
I assume he wrote it. "Semantic infiltration" is a subversive attempt to redefine language.
Also pay special attention to the "Democracy" section.

Our Republic is under attack by Democracy.

REICHland, WA related docs

City of REICHland, WA, (Hitler WOULD approve of their Ordinance) and their participation
in UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL activities to attempt to prohibit Citizens
(who OWN THE CITY, by the way) from exercising their Rights to Bear Arms.

my letter to COR
response from COR Attorney
Tri City Herald newspaper story

digitized tape recording of our remarks to the REICHland City Council  2.8MB file
had to shrink it, out of space on the Blog site!

Recording of Bobs comments to the Council early Jan.

Story # 2 re sign change (changing a sign that was already changed but not changing the other which
hasn't been changed after they announced the change....) Notice in the comments below the stories,
that the 'anti' crowd can't seem to stay on topic, and can rarely manage a response that doesn't stoop
to 'ad hominem' and 'red herring.' Thompson's paper sheds light on their psychological maladies.

And STAY TUNED as I publish evidence that this "mis reporting" or "these erroneous statements
are either or both deliberate on the part of the Herald, or due to sloppy reporting due to their mis-
understanding of Constitution and Law. Emails are coming! See how the "reporter" on the second story
gets it wrong, then defends himself with more error? Stay tuned as we investigate the Tri Cities media
helping to cover this issue up. BC tells me the term is "advocacy journalism."

11 Dec 09. The Sign is STILL UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL. There is no such
Ordinance as they claim, it was REPEALED.

SECOND letter to COR, their Attorney and PD LINK

Are they lying, or incompetent? Sign changed? How about THIS ONE, it doesn't look CHANGED to me.
Oh wait- maybe it's Obama's kind of "change...." The SUBVERSIVE kind. Photo taken 14 Dec '09

Letter to Richland PD- why do they want disarmed Citizens?

Law enforcement source claims that firearm ownership is the #1 best way to PREVENT crime, but RPD doesn't
suggest that. Do they want MORE crime? Pamphlet image 1          Pamphlet image 2

Some of this advice is right up there on my "become a Victim" list. The "statistic" (it isn't, stats have NUMBERS)
on crime VS age is pure poppycock.

LATEST! COR PD letter more or less admits they want more crime! Letter from Chief Corsi.
It's clear that THIS response took considerable thought. This is what "run, hide and cover up" look like,
notice the response is off topic, I didnt "ask them to implement any changes" I asked for answers to
questions. When we can't answer questions, we have something to HIDE. What is it?

REICH-lands City Council meetings, First and Third Tuesdays each month, 7:30 P.M.
City Bldg on Geo Wash Way across from Fire house.
WSBA Grievance against Richland City Attorney Lampson for making up these ILLEGAL ORDINANCES
and giving us false information:

 Link to WSBA Grivance page, file your own!
WA courts RPC (rules of professional conduct)  (rules that Attorneys etc are required to follow)

I filed a Bar Complaint about Lampson lying in open City Council meeting, recorded, proven and the Bar
ignored it, further, ignored the FACT that Lampson ADMITTED making an Ordinance that was ILLEGAL
IN THE STATE OF WA. Can you say "coverup?"

WSBA "reply" (Its not a response, a response would speak to the allegations, and he cant)
Notice how he LIBELS ME by making (more) false statements about a "shooting stance"

Is Lampson going to try to make illegal Ordinance against "shooting glasses" next? Notice the basis he states for
making the unConstitutional, Illegal, pre-empted and repealed Ordinance - that someone MIGHT damage the Park.

Grievance documents (in date order)

Page 1 P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9P10P11P12P14P15
(P 13 deleted, nothing important on it, just a fact sheet about the grievance process)
Maybe the most critical thing a man can read in modern times - The Avalon Project at Yale University.
These documents here show how the League of Nations essentially became the U.N. and how the US
got sucked into giving soverign control of it Military to the UN. This is some extensive reading, but goes
a long way to explaining how/why our People have died in so many UN "conflicts" that weren't our problem.
When did Korea/Viet Nam/Iraq attack us on US Soil? Japan did and we waxed them.

  See if you can find a reference to Italy using mustard gas weapons against Ethiopia around 1913, I don't
recall if that was in this archive or not. If not, search for it, then read the MOVIC doc's linked below.
That was  the start (significant early incident?) of the chemical weapons problem.

  Among other interesting tidbits of info are that the 40 hour work-week we know in the US came from the LoN.
Look for the "Marshall plan." Don't start out in the 1940s documents, it's critical to start with the earlier docs that
discuss the LoN.
Did you fall for the line about "Bush lied about weapons to to to Iraq for oil?"

UN-MOVIC documents prove otherwise. 110,000 chemical weapons (rockets) used against Iran and Iraq's
continuing parade of lies and coverup afterwards to the UN weapons inspectors were the reason.
Unfortunately this lie has been used by S.O.Bama and his supporters to slander George Bush, especially during
S.O.Bamas speech at the DNC.

  I wonder why they didn't find any? Maybe because Iraq had fired them at Iran and might have been
about to make MORE?

  Read all of the Compendium documents from about 1910 onward, check on that "110,000" figure, is it correct?

  If there were no weapons, then what was used against the UN in the photo below? Slingshots?
Did the terrorists just form a Kumbayah circle, hold hands and chant this building into falling
in on itself?

LINK   This page is the other end of that tunnel -or- at least let's hope there's an end. LINK
Department of Defenses li'l ol Private Military force. What do they plan to do with 400,000 militarized Federal
Employees supposedly dedicated to the Global War on Terror (GWOT) when Liar in Chief.Obama says there
is no more GWOT? Does he mean the threat is ended, or he has befriended Jihad? Survey says "B."
 DoD 140410p

What do the Federal Employees who won't willingly go along with O'Warmongerers personal private
police force do? Will they put up with being pigeonholed into dead end jobs?

Speaking of hypocracy, I thought NObama was so anti-war? I have not heard ONE statement from him that
echos his slander of Bush from the DNC and his war is evil stance from the election.
OH! He's discovered that UTOPIA DOESNT EXIST.

I'm seeing references again to 1994, read about it in the 1994 Blog post (Dave's blog)
Why is crime down in the Recession? I mean, Depression- after all, unemployment is above 10pct. This has never
happened in a recession before. GUN OWNERSHIP is the reason as we can piece together from these two news stories:

Crime down in recession
Firearm sales 'thru the roof' in America (UK source)

  Notice the false statement in the "crime down" piece- that the decrease in crime is due to people being home
and "watching?" They are home a-watching in every other recession, what's different about this one?
They're home loading as many magazines with as much ammo as they can get their hands on. That is -
"when" they can get it, gun, ammo and mag sales are over the top!

  This deliberate ignorance shows the Medias complicity in the attack on 2A rights, yes,
the Media who are supposed to help protect Freedom. There's no kind of "don't know"
like "I don't want to know!"
http://www.michaelyon-online.com/  Iraq/Afghanistan Correspondant. Not exactly 2A related,
but an excellent source for first-hand, OBJECTIVE REPORTING like you WON'T get in
Tri Cities, or most other places in the US. It's sad when we have to rely on the U.K. papers
for news relevant to the US.
Eyewitness on Flight 253 alleges FBI cover up of another bomber:


  When will the rest of you figure out, like Haskell has, that the Fed has been lying through their
teeth about seting up all these disasters (Waco, OKC, 9-11). HOW MANY INNOCENTS have to
die before you wake up? Besides Gen Partin's expert testimony that OKC was NOT an ANFO bomb,
I had an explosives expert look over my shoulder at a photo of what was left of the OKC
building and show me, place by place, where the demolition charges had to be placed to bring the
building down.  Funny the photo showed nearby cars with windows NOT blown out. Interesting physics behind it.

  The M.O is simple, create a crisis, subvert the Constitution to "protect us." I'll protect myself, thank
you very much!

The BEST tire repair kit around. http://tirerepairkit.com/onlineorder.asp

            Barry Chamish.com website

Dont EVEN pass "Go" without going there and ordering everything he has for sale, invaluable documentation of the criminal acts
going on in Israel. You want to know whats really going on in the Mid East? Here it is, and not from the Lame Stream Media.
From a REAL Journalist/reporter who has been there and seen that.