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Dave's 2A Blog
Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Topic: General politics



Someone claiming to be with a movie production company emailed me hiding behind a Gmail account.

 The email pretends they are doing a made for cable TV documentary about patriots.

Problem is, scammers love to hide behind Gmail accounts. Persons who work for legitimate companies have corporate email accounts on their corporate domain.

heres the email, with headers:



Casting a new television show that may be of interest to your members...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:26 PM
From Jeff Bornfree Tue Feb 12 14:26:10 2013
X-Apparently-To:   a_patriot@ymail.com via; Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:11 -0800
Return-Path:   <bornfreedoc@gmail.com>
Received-SPF:   p-
X-YMailISG:     g-
X-Originating-IP:   []
Authentication-Results:   mta1236.mail.bf1.yahoo.com from=gmail.com; domainkeys=neutral (no sig); from=gmail.com; dkim=pass (ok)
Received:   from (EHLO mail-ee0-f67.google.com) ( by mta1236.mail.bf1.yahoo.com with SMTP; Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:11 -0800
Received:   by mail-ee0-f67.google.com with SMTP id t10so110483eei.6 for <a_patriot@ymail.com>; Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:10 -0800 (PST)
DKIM-Signature:   v
MIME-Version:   1.0
X-Received:   by with SMTP id l4mr68509469een.12.1360707970540; Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:10 -0800 (PST)
Received:   by with HTTP; Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:10 -0800 (PST)
Date:   Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:26:10 -0800
Message-ID:   <CAPjicjf05biQFZweJ+EPUN-me2AOkE4_4Bk4O_uHhnnAmc_RpQ@mail.gmail.com>
Subject:   Casting a new television show that may be of interest to your members...
Jeff Bornfree <bornfreedoc@gmail.com>  
Add sender to Contacts
To:   a_patriot@ymail.com
Content-Type:   multipart/alternative; boundary=047d7b342bf23a266004d58e83db
Content-Length:   4629

My name is Jeff. I’m a Casting Director at Firecracker Films, a television production company in California. We are currently producing a new show that we think will be of great interest to your members/readers and I was wondering if you’d be willing to help us spread the word or maybe even might be interested yourself or know somebody who may be interested. Basically, we are looking for Americans from across the country whose strong belief in the constitution sometimes requires them to live interesting lives.

This is the national casting call for the project. Feel free to post it or email anywhere you want. If you have any questions, or ideas on how best to find people to feature, I would love to talk to you. We plan on being as discrete, respectful and sensitive to privacy concerns as possible at this early stage. But we’re looking for some great and true Americans with passionate beliefs and interesting ways of life that could help us show a different way of life that is often underrepresented or skewed by the media.



Santa Monica-based Firecracker Films is casting an important new documentary series for a major cable channel that will chronicle the lives of people who love America as its Founders intended and live like it.

Do you or a family member belong to a militia? Believe strongly in the second amendment and/or your right to self-preservation? Live in interesting or unique circumstances because of those beliefs? We want to talk to you about your way of life.

If you are interested, think you might be a fit or have any questions, please contact us by emailing bornfreedoc@gmail.com as soon as possible. And if you know someone who fits the above description, please pass this message on to them.

There will be compensation for those stories that are selected to be filmed for the pilot. All information shared will be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

Casting Director
Firecracker Films
Santa Monica, CA


I looked up Firecracker in CA Secretary of State records, they exist, they have a website.

 That's where it gets troubling. I called the number on the website and a woman answered who claimed she had only worked there 2 days, didnt know what it was about, and that so called Jeff must be a freelance.

The email claims hes a CASTING DIRECTOR at the company. Read it right above here.

 MANAGERS HAVE CORPORATE EMAIL ACCOUNTS. "Director" is a management position.

She hung up on me when I challenged that if she didnt know what's going on, that there must be someone else besides her there to ask.

I called back and a man who claimed to be Jeff answered.

Of course.

I told him the Gmail account looked fishy and he proceeded to explain thats their procedure for contacting multiple people on a  project.

False premise, because ANY corporate domain can have multiple email addresses, all they have to do is BUY them. Many corporate domain accounts have hundreds of email accounts available.

The idea he tried to float is that he needed a Gmail account for each OTHER person he corresponded with. Thts false, all thats needed is one Firecracker address per PROJECT. VERY slick pivot play.

It doesnt take an individual SENDERS email to correspond with a hundred people.

When Gmail is used, monkey business can be pulled behind the Companies back. Beware of car dealers who have salesmen that use Gmail, if they actually work for the Dealer, why dont they have a DEALERS ADDRESS? (joe_schmoe@car company.com)

I told him that I would consider discussing this with them is he FORWARDED INFORMATION VIA THE US MAIL

Then he started changing subjects and engaging in ad homimens.

The problem with 'sending via the mail' is that exposes a scammer to COMMITING A FELONY of mail fraud should their communication be fraudulent or illegal. That exposes them to prison time.

Things put in writing constitute CONTRACTS.Scammers and the dishonest LOVe to use email because they can make promises then refuse to keep them, and it becomes "he said, she said" when theres nothing in writing.

I stopped a phone phisher a couple years ago that was phishing info from a Federal contractors database, who called me and demanded I send personal financial information by phone or email, because they didnt have access to POSTAL MAIL.

I told her the same thing as I did these people - go to hell.

I called the Santa Monica P.D, they didnt know of any scam activity going on with regard to Firecracker, but Google them and read for yourself, especially the LACK of anything to claim as production except for You tube, and the Ripoff Report:


Notice the rebuttal, as usual, evades the topics and claims, its attack the victim. Notice their claims of "a great production" that went nowhere.

I can post BS films to Youtube...

 Quite a LACK of produced work of such a STELLAR company.

 Reader, ALWAYS demand they use the Mail, that separates the honest from the scammers. beware, in these down economic times, there are plenty of employment scams floating around Email.

There may be no connection, but firecracker is based in the U.K, and over the last couple years with the economic turn-down, there has been an abundance of Identity Theft emails floating around from the UK claiming that you can work for them as an accounts manager etc and get paid remotely.


Posted by Dave at 4:24 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2013 5:16 PM PST
Wednesday, 6 February 2013
dispelling lies about ethanol
Topic: general rant/rave

I talked with a worker from the Boardman ethanol plant yesterday. He was holding an ALUMINUM butterfly valve body that was the shutoff point for the hose that transfers the distilelrs grain to be shipped.

 The valve was stuck due to junk in between the shaft and body, thats typical for valves.

Point is, I asked him if the byproduct caused any damage to the aluminum and he said "no"

So much for 'ethanol being so corrosive'

He was having to change the flange screws from steel to stainless because of surface rust. Thats expected with water being present.

He verified that the distillers grain went to cattle feed and was a better feed than the original corn.

But that doesnt sit well with the Oil Companies Trolls that hate ethanol because its inexpensive, easy to produce LOCALLY and cuts them out of SALES.


Posted by Dave at 10:53 AM PST
Sunday, 27 January 2013
MUST SEE VIDEO (lots of them posted here)
Topic: Constitutional




Posted by Dave at 2:43 PM PST
Thursday, 24 January 2013
Topic: Constitutional

Posted by Dave at 6:35 PM PST
Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hypocritical Sheriffs are claiming they will refuse to enforce Fed laws in re guns, and probably including O'Bombers (who is he blowing up THIS week?) EOs.

 This is a 100% smoke and mirrors campaign so the SOs can take the easy way out if theres a conflict.

Only ONE (State) Ive heard of is considering REAL measures to throw the sons of bitches in PRISON if the step foot in the State, I think it was AZ with their proposed 5 years/$50,000 fine for any Fed that stepped foot into the State.

Anyway, back to Sheriffs hypocrisy:



These (plural) Sheriffs are BS ARTISTS:

1.) Easy out- laws CONgress makes (such as background checks) are FEDERAL, NOT STATE OR COUNTY. They dont apply to COUNTIES and neither does the Constitution. So, they are saying nothing in making the statement that 'they will not enforce.' Its meaningless to not enforce something that doesnt apply to them.

2.) The Sheriff is not the decider of what Constitutionality is. No one asked him what his opinion of Constitutionality was.


3.) Heres where the HYPOCRISY comes in. Sheriffs are ALREADY enforcing un Constitutional laws in re Concealed Carry.

Its one thing to be lied to, a worse thing to be lied to with hypocrisy.

These Sheriffs are not looking out for your Rights, they could give a flying f___ less about you, this is a TURF WAR and they are saying "how dare anyone else intrude on my sacred ground"

If these Sheriffs were not two faced hypocrites, they be coming out and saying they'd arrest any Fed or Statie that stepped foot in the County, and back it up with a Possee of 10,000 men.

I hate liars, especially when they run the scam that somehow lying to me is to my benefit.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED does not allow background checks or CCW permits.

What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED allows for Govt to issue PERMITS?


Posted by Dave at 10:58 AM PST
Monday, 21 January 2013
Topic: General politics

I have a video that contains clips from the original Waco video along with commentary and interviews with people surrounding the mass murder of innocent Citizens at Waco by Jack Booted Janet and the ATF.

 It shows them collapsing the buildings in on top of the people and setting them on fire.

 Women and children were executed.

Is that "saving even one life?"

If you want a copy, send me a DVD mailer with return address and postage and a $5 donation to cover frying my DVD burner and time


PO 1336

Richland WA 99352 

Posted by Dave at 1:24 PM PST
Thursday, 17 January 2013
RKBA Rally Hermiston OR Sat

RKBA Rally at Hermiston Oregon, a 'right side of the State' event since many cannot make it to the State House for the State House rally.

This was on TV tonite, shockingly, it was absent the usual TC media Leftist - communist bias  


 This is being put on by Jerry Hennings, I talked with him tonight to verify it.

 The Park at which its planned is 200 feet to a School and apparently the law is that a CCW permit is required to carry there in the park.

Crock o Crap it is. 

Posted by Dave at 9:53 PM PST
DoD, Facebook and hacking

Recently I posted that the DoD must be fascinated with my little computer as they daily made a dozen attempts to hack my NTOSKRNL32.exe file.

 That file IS Windows.

The attempts were from two IP addresses (or from one through a second) (registered to DoD in Cols OH)

I wrote to my Congress rep Hastings who forwarded it to FBI, which immediately, of course, dismissed it.

Shortly after that, I began getting sneak attacks from another IP address:

That is close to the 10... address above. Its common for entities to have/reserve/use many addresses in a certain range.

Who is"

 FACEBOOK (I call them "F"-book out of contempt)

How do I know that its F-book when 10.xxx.xxx.xxx are private, unregistered addresses?

Easy - "Exact, repeated correlation"

When I attempt to post comments on websites that only use F-book for comment posting, and receive an attempt to sneak into NTOS at the same time from that IP address, and block it, and Fbook hangs up, that proves its Fbook.

Posted by Dave at 11:57 AM PST



It is unlikely that nothing happened there, that would require funerals being staged. Something did. The link between the FEMA DHS etc exercises leads to two possibilities:

1. Staged by the Feds

2. by someone else in response or retaliation to the drills

Theres one obvious conclusion, made obvious by the question:

 "Which Party(ies) in the two above suppositions, has or is connected with:

1 guaranteed Govt legal exoneration for everything up to MURDER

2. access to control the media

Obvious, aint it?

unlike the Waco video, this cant be buried that quickly. I saw the long version of the Waco video, i regret loaning it out and not getting it back. It showed a tank moving back from a building and setting it on fire.

So what is the gun in the trunk video?

The supposed AR removed from the trunk - the person clearing it is moving a mechanism that appears to be on the middle-front-right side of the firearm

ARs dont work that way, the bolt is operated from a T-handle on the top, rear of the upper receiver.

Go back to the TV series "24". The scene where Jack is in the tunnel attacking the armored limo.


00:01, thats an AR variant, 223 casings apparently from the size. They are NOT ejecting forward.

00:10 shootout with a 1911-45, probably?

00:13 look carefully at what hes carrying

00:20 FREEZE FRAME. Look at the charging handle location on the rifle being fired. IT AINT AN AR, thats hanging down at the right with what appears to be a 40 round mag


Freeze the scene where hes standing on the trunk and shooting a hole through the bullet resistant rear window.

Holding a rifle with the action on the middle-front left. That is not an AR.

Compare that to the video of whats being handled near the vehicle trunk

I recall this as Id noticed this scene in 24 and had asked a firearms expert what that was.

It AINT an AR-15/




Posted by Dave at 11:14 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, 17 January 2013 11:31 AM PST
Monday, 14 January 2013
YAY MEXICO ! Way to go!!




Posted by Dave at 11:46 AM PST
Thursday, 10 January 2013
WY Bill to stop Feds gun ban


Problem - it needs to contain exoneration under Law for anyone defending themselves against the Fed Jack Boots, like Indiana apparently did.


Posted by Dave at 12:44 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 10 January 2013 12:45 PM PST
Wednesday, 9 January 2013

"All the while, these adolescents, teens and young adults are watching a Congress that can’t control its manic, euphoric, narcissistic spending, a president that can’t see his way through to applauding genuine and extraordinary achievements in business, a society that blames mass killings on guns, not the psychotic people who wield them, and—here no surprise—a stock market that keeps rising and falling like a roller coaster as bubbles inflate and then, inevitably, burst.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/01/08/are-raising-generation-deluded-narcissists/#ixzz2HVQvH4dj
Right on, except he forgot to mention the single biggest narcissist in the country
Attack and blame everyone else except his god. Lower case g for contempt.
Narcissist in Chief, Main War Criminal (according to Ralph Nader)
and personally responsible for the debt.
IOW, the writer himself is utterly delusional. 

Posted by Dave at 10:55 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:52 AM PST
Tuesday, 8 January 2013
Admitted, Muslim infiltrators in the O'Bomber Regime


 The question is, is the word "infiltrates" accurate, or were they "invited" to "infiltrate?"


Survey says - "B"


Id say its credible considering the departments they are in- all except Homeland Security being associated with Islam.

They didnt get there without "O'Bombers approval" is how I read it. 

"Elibiary also played a role in defining the Obama administration's counterterrorism strategy,  "

that means "no strategy" as Obama declared the Global War on Terror to be over back in 2009. Odd, Im not sure there ever was one.  Either way, O'Bomber is waging new war in Pakistan and Yemen, and renewed activity in Iraq, so that doesnt look "over" from here.

Maybe the DC elitists know more than I... 

Need a reason to have AR-15s and high capacity magazines?




Posted by Dave at 8:35 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:53 AM PST
Friday, 4 January 2013
Someone in Australia apparently dropping the dime on Feinstein?
Topic: General politics

Now isnt THIS special? An email shows up from Lord knows who (but I think I know who its through) dropping about fifty dollars worth of dimes on the Traitor Diane Frankenstein.

You know, the one who SWORE AN OATH TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION whose turnign traitor to her oath right now with gun ban legislation ? 


Sen. Dianne Goldman Feinstein Is A Loaded Gun Out to Destroy America

Friday, January 4, 2013 8:25 AM
From patriot@usa.com Fri Jan 4 06:25:09 2013
X-Originating-IP:   []
Subject:   Sen. Dianne Goldman Feinstein Is A Loaded Gun Out to Destroy America

People talk of the one-percent elite who are out to own and control everything in the world. Let’s put a name on one of them: Dianne Goldman Feinstein (D-Calif.). This powerful U.S. Congresswoman is the 9th richest on Capitol Hill, according to reports about the b/millionaires in Congress. Feinstein’s first major attempt at gun control occurred when she ordained a citywide handgun ban as mayor of San Diego, Calif., in 1984, where an attempt at recall failed.

Feinstein, 79, called for more gun control measures after the “Fast and Furious” ordeal. While only verbally slapping the hand of the irresponsible government officials by saying mistakes were made, she tried again to infringe on American’s Second Amendment Right. Currently, she has her sights on becoming the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees gun control legislation. In the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Feinstein will ride the tide to usher in what elitists want, to grab Americans’ guns. These elite can afford high-tech security systems, bullet-proof vehicles and bodyguards, whose guns will not be sought, but they want the common man’s. Why is gun control vitally important to them? It’s a tried and true formula that worked for Stalin, Hitler and Mao to control the masses. Why bring up communists? Communistic-socialist ideas work for rich and powerful Americans, who are mainly counterfeit-Jewish.

Actually, they are Atheist Marxists but call themselves Jewish. These “fake” Jews originate from Khazaria and went to Russia and its surrounding areas, as did Feinstein’s grandparents, immigrating from Poland and Russia to the U.S. Jews, like them, were told by the Sanhedrin to migrate to the U.S. and make their children doctors, lawyers and politicians to eventually destroy the Christians. Her father, Leon Goldman, became a renowned surgeon. Fake Jews also have instructions through “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” to obtain control through the judiciary, banking, real-estate, media and politics, which most of them own companies in all areas addressed in these protocols. For a detailed account of “fake” Jewish elite, review the free documentary, “The Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect” available online.

Feinstein is easy to identify as a fake Jew because of her roots. She is even easier to spot as a Marxist, because of her connections with Communist China, along with her fake-Jewish husband, Richard Blum, an investment banker-power elite. Both are intertwined with Communist China through “business” deals, investments, and connections. They say they keep their business-affairs separate, but only a fool would believe their long-standing marriage has such secrets. It is more likely they are partners who help each other. Feinstein’s ethics have already come under fire. She has received criticisms of conflict-of-interest due to her husband’s interest in companies awarded U.S. governmental contracts, such as Perini and EG&G, which was bought from the Carlyle Group. Another unethical example is she introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is an agency that had awarded Blum’s real-estate company Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (CBRE) a contract to sell foreclosed properties at rates higher than the norm.

Feinstein campaigned for trade relations with Communist China, citing that China should be granted “most favored nation” in terms of trade, meaning it would get the best terms and lowest import taxes. Trade with China has destroyed many American companies, American livelihoods, and a big part of the American way of life. Jobs and technologies were outsourced through NATFA, pushed by the Clinton administration. Today, products sold in America are made by oppressed Chinese children and adults whose labor funds their country’s military expansion. Loads of Chinese products are sold at Wal-Mart, another destroyer of American small business. In fact, Wal-Mart is the number one importer of Chinese goods through the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO).

COSCO, owned by the People’s Republic of China, oversees and controls the Long Beach Naval Base in California, not to mention involvement at other ports. President Clinton awarded this arm of the Chinese military the lease and also loaned it millions of U.S. dollars. He did this even after much debate was given on allowing a Communist country to control a port on U.S. soil. Feinstein is said to have opposed its lease, but it appears she only questioned it.

There are major issues with COSCO:

1. A COSCO ship was involved in smuggling 2,000 illegal Chinese immigrants into the United States in Oakland, CA in 1996. [Feinstein says she wants to fight illegal immigration, yet how did she tackle this concern?]

2. COSCO was caught shipping 87 pounds of heroin in 1993. The Clinton Administration admitted COSCO was caught, but defended the company’s officials. [Feinstein says she wants to fight illegal drugs, yet how did she tackle this concern?]

3. The COSCO ship, Empress Phoenix, had attempted to smuggle in some 2,000 AK-47 fully automatic assault weapons. But the U.S. keeps doing business as usual with them, and politicians don’t go after these criminals with as much zest as they do Americans. [Feinstein says she wants to fight for gun control, yet how did she tackle this concern?]

4. COSCO was placed on a list of shippers to monitor by the U.S. Coast Guard after COSCO ships were stopped six times within a year and accused of breaking international safety regulations.

5. A COSCO ship crashed into the boardwalk in New Orleans, injuring 116 people and causing massive damage.

6. A COSCO ship was suspected by U.S. intelligence of carrying chemical weapons in 1993, although no chemical weapons were found when the ship was searched. [Feinstein said Iraq had weapons of massive destruction, yet how did she tackle this concern?]

7. On January 24, 1996, the New York Times reported warnings by the former Ambassador, Charles Freling, quoting a Chinese official that China would intimidate Taiwan because U.S. leaders would care more about Los Angeles than they would Taiwan. As the U.S. fleet started to go through the straits, when communist China started shelling Taiwan and missile attacks, the Chinese responded that the U.S. withdraw and threatened nuclear warfare on the city of Los Angeles.

8. The Chinese made donations to the DNC in hopes of gaining influence. Johnny Chung, a Chinese American businessman from California, gave $366,000 to Democrats, but it was later returned on suspicion it illegally came from foreign sources. These donations coincide with Clinton’s decisions on leasing the naval base.

9. Communist China underhandedly obtained the bid to run both sides of the Panama Canal. An Alabama company made a bid on them and it won the contracts for both. It was selected by Panama. After selection, after announcement, the Chinese government went in with bribes and the decision was reversed.

10. COSCO was fined for paying kickbacks to shippers instead of abiding by tariffs. This is, again, a Chinese-operated company that was cited for giving kickbacks, payoffs for access.

11. There was concern that given the political and military nature of China that the COSCO deal relates to the strong possibility that China can establish intelligence-gathering capability at the former Naval base. It is known that the former Soviet Union established a number of Signal Intelligence sites at strategic sites throughout the U.S.

These issues get very little notice by Feinstein, or for that matter the U.S. Government, except maybe to keep them hush. Feinstein goes after American individual rights guaranteed by the U.S Constitution, but she does little to protect them from her Chinese comrades.

COSCO in America remains a consumer-front and the U.S. treats it and its subsidiaries as normal business partners. The truth of the matter is the American economy was traded for Chinese goods. American jobs were traded for shiploads of cheap products whose sales have built up quite a massive military presence with control of almost 150 acres of America’s West Coast.

Few Americans benefit from COSCO, but the ones who do are the power players like Feinstein, Blum, the Clintons and more. Feinstein isn’t good for America, yet she is allowed to be a policy-maker. She lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and was supportive of the Iraq War efforts. She co-sponsored PIPA in 2011. Given her support Chinese “industry” and growth, she cannot be for Americans.

Related information and/or sources include the following,
1) Feinstein: Bad Choice for Intelligence: http://www.fpif.org/articles/feinstein_bad_choice_for_intelligence
2) Insider Trader, War Profiteer, Chinese Company Invested Dianne Feinstein: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/12/02/18701603.php
3) Richard C. Blum and Dianne Feinstein: The Power Couple of California http://foundsf.org/index.php?title=Richard_C._Blum_and_Dianne_Feinstein:_The_Power_Couple_of_California
4) Congressional Record: The COSCO Strategic Threat: https://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1997_cr/h970520-cosco.htm
5) Congressional Record: COSCO: A COMMUNIST CHINESE-OWNED COMPANY: https://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1997_cr/h970415-cosco.htm
6) Congressional Record Reads: COSCO: A Communist-Chinese Owned Company http://rose4justice.com/2011/07/28/congressional-record-reads-cosco-a-communist-chinese-owned-company/
7) The Patriotic American: Congress Compromises on COSCO Take Over of Former Long Beach Naval Base: http://www.tpromo2.com/gko/american/lgbeach4.htm
8) COSCO CAUGHT SHIPPING 87 POUNDS OF HEROIN: http://raineym.tripod.com/china-1.html
9) China-Gate's Smoking Gun: http://www.mega.nu:8080/ampp/china/j28.html
10) The Women's Shill Caucus: http://multinationalmonitor.org/hyper/mm0497.09.html
11) Feinstein and Boxer support COSCO in San Diego: http://www.virtualpet.com/bright/miscnews/navalb.htm
12) China’s Control of the Panama Canal Revisited: http://themengesproject.blogspot.com/2008/10/chinas-control-of-panama-canal.html
13) Dianne Feinstein: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dianne_Feinstein


Posted by Dave at 12:07 PM PST
Friday, 28 December 2012
Topic: General politics



Possee, yes, thats the way to go, BUT THERE IS NO THREAT.


This is a 100% GOVERNMENT FAILURE and until THAT is fixed, nothing will change.

 CLOSE DOWN GOVERNEMENT INDOCTRINATION CAMPS. They dont teach the kids anything but garbage anyway. Or teach them nothing useful, I guess thats better than "garbage"


Posted by Dave at 12:16 PM PST

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