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Dave's 2A Blog
Tuesday, 23 April 2013
What Boston was about
Topic: General politics

  The attacks in Boston are not "Islamist Jihad" as proven by two facts (FACTS< not Government or media hype)

 1.) the targets of so called radical Islam are the US GOVERNMENT and WORLD TRADE. The 9-11 attacks were not against the Boston Marathon (a gathering of ordinary Citizens) but against the WORLD TRADE Center and the US GOVERNMENTS PENTAGON (home of the war machine)

2. There have been MILLIONS of opportunities since 9-11 for the Islamist Boogey Man to have attacked Joe and Sally Ordinary since then, NO one has.

But, last week, Joe and Sally Ordinary were standing on the street at a mass victim rally, and were attacked impersonally (theres a key idea)

  The attackers are immediately linked by the Gummit, which is under attack by Islam, and its complicit lap dog media as being "Islamist"

 They arent MORONS, they are RUSSIAN.

The REAL shit may have just hit the fan.

  It makes no sense to link the overseas operations of anti US Govt and Military ops to a quasi random attack on the Ordinaries on the street in Boston, no one in Boston is screwing with them overseas that Im aware of.

  That is illogical, someone so in posession of their faculties to carry out such a complicated deed is not insane. They are logical. Its just that the Western mind which revolves around self doesnt understand it.

  The Western mind has been brainwashed daily by Govt and Media propaganda about Islam and is now blind deaf and dumb. A few of them are literally deaf now...

  These two men are from the former RUSSIAN FEDERATION, THEY ARE NOT ISLAMISTS OR ARABS. That they sympathise with the Islamist cause is not a first cause.

  What they did does not fit the MO of Islamist Jihad, that is against Government. They did something against ordinary Citizens, but in an inspecific manner, against no one in particular. 

Adding all this together shows that these were two young idealists from RUSSIA who came to the US. The attack is in retaliation for something. The attack, against random Citizens only makes logical sense if in retaliation for a similar US ATTACK AGAINST RANDOM ORDINARY CITIZENS SUCH AS OBAMAS DRONE ATTACKS IN AFGHANISTAN, which was a recent theater of operations for Russia, too.

Light coming on yet?

  Their attacks in Boston are in retaliation for the US attacking and murdering innocents overseas in the past, with drones or military capacity. Or, maybe some similar event has happened recently and the media are suppressing it, or just plain pig-ignorant. Id give them both...

  Again, critical point, just because they might agree with the ideals of Islam, does NOT mean they are carrying out Jihad, because that is reserved for card carrying MUSLIMS.

THis is about political revenge for the US killing innocents and there may be more coming.

Thats particualrly bad because if so, there are many centers of mass victims in the US, with people blind, deaf, dumb, jumping at shadows, and UN ARMED.

Posted by Dave at 12:36 PM PDT

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