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Dave's 2A Blog
Wednesday, 23 June 2010
a treasonous little thing called "private property rights"
Topic: Constitutional

You all know the scam - "Party A cannot posess a firearm because he is on Party B's property and Party B has the right to regulate what goes on on his own property."

 Now, its taken considerable time to wrap my mind around this delectable fraud, because its insidious, tricky and fraudulent at best. It came to me whilst washing the driveway. I wash my vehicle in my own driveway and I DARE the WA State Car Wash Police to come and get me.

What a F-king STUPID LAW. (PS I neutralize the oils and etc that come off the vehicle with Super Clean- what hits the driveway is not oil...its bio-broken down by whatever chemical process...)

 1.) Someone underline what part of the US Constitution AND the WA Constitution grants private property rights.

 THAY AIN'T NONE. (thats pronounced "thay'ntnun") And, PS, the WA Constitution incorporates the US Constitution as LAW OF THE STATE.

2.) Someone underline what part of said Constitutions speaks of the enumerated Right to Bear Arms.


Houston, we have a problem, but the root of the problem is not obvious. It's taken me a few months to really un-veil the SCAM here.

Party B only has the indirect right to posess property (land, for example) through the general provision of "pursuit of happiness."B MUST HAVE PUBLIC PERMISSION TO POSESS LAND. That Deed B is so proud of...


Put THAT in your smoke and pipe it!

There's something wrong when B not only does not want said Right for himself, but wants to bar A from enjoying it. B must be smoking something...


 But B is on a power trip. B feels insecure of himself, so he inevitably petitions Government (which HAS NO RIGHTS, only RESPONSABILITIES) to wage war on A to deprive A of his Rights.

Whose side does a Corrupt Government take? The one that benefits Government, of course, as it is the irresistable nature of Man to be corrupt and favor himself.

The Corrupt Government takes B's side for several corrupt reasons:

a.) Government pretends to have power whether favoring A, B, or none of the above.

b.) Government is comprised of Citizens who too often, knowing it or not, are on a personal power trip,  money, vainglory or both, and what better way to fill that void than judging among the masses and making laws? More fun yet, try to RULE OVER THEM.

c.) a Corrupt and UnConstitutional Government does not like being inhibited by the Constitution(s) so it welcomes the chance to use whatever Straw Man happens along to suit its own power trip purposes.

d.) Government wants MONEY. Which Party, A or B,does Corrupt Government benefit more from- Party A who pays a one time SALES TAX on a firearm, or Party B who pays YEARLY PROPERTY TAXES?

 Now, youre onto the SCAM.

 So, when Party B, with un-civil motives, comes a-petitioning Government to secure his own property (so he says) Government obviously favors whom is FUNDING ITS MEMBERS SALARIES.

Party A has the superior Right to Bear Arms. Party B's assertion that he has the right to prohibit A from his Constitutional Posession of Private Property, SOLELY BECAUSE A IS ON B's PROPERTY, is a LIE and a FRAUD, for A's posession of his own lawful property, whether physically on B's premesis or not, is neither affected by B's rights nor has any effect on B, or B's property, 

The two rights have no relationship.

If A goes marauding and shoots B;s property up, then B has a legitimate right to seek damages from A, but that is an ACTION beyond B's RIGHT to real property. But, that is the other part of the SCAM - that B, in coercion with a Corrupt Government, can pre-empt A from doing some imagined wrong.

THAT IS HOW  COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS WORK. Thats not Constitutional representation, its totalitarian control.

Party B is LYING when he asserts that infringement on A's Rights somehow secures his property, for what better security than to have a HUNDRED ARMED FRIENDS is there?

When's the last time you heard of a robbing or other ill on a GUN RANGE? I'll dare-say it's never happened.

The idiot that is B does not realize that in the process, hes giving up OWNERSHIP OF HIS OWN PROPERTY TO THE GOVERNMENT. Let Fool B try not paying the PROPERTY TAXES that B pays to have Government hear his treasonous petition.

And theres Greedy Corrupt Government ready to take that money. And as it goes in this State, throw it down a rat hole.

 Compare this to the rotten, money grubbing group called the "NRA" (acronym for "in it for ourselves") playing dog an pony with a photo of NRA folk along with Law Enforcement proudly heralding "shalll issue" with regard to Concealed Carry.

Of course this is an un-Constitutional SCAM on the part of Corrupt Government, corrupt Law Enforcement (the incorporated law of this State is "shall not be infringed") and greedy money grubbers at NRA, because CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS ARE FORBIDDEN BY BOTH CONSTITUTIONS.

Of course, NRA is so proud to have the Police on board and of course the PDs are glad to share in the power grab. A Dog and Pony show cant go on without both Dog and Pony, now can it?

Sure, power hungry PDs might prefer "may issue," but if "shall issue" prevails, there is still the process that leaves them in control, or so they think.

...not failing to forget for a moment that said PD SWORE TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, did they not?

 I like Kennesaw GA's position better - "shall posess" which HAS ELIMINATED CRIME IN KENNESAW.

 Now, lets bring it home. I wrote to our So Called Representative Delvin about doing similar to VA in repealing firearms laws. He promised to meet with us over the last break.

Havent heard a peep from him, even though I gave him a copy of the Email in which he promised at the last Constituent meeting.

Dont believe for a minute that EITHER party is anything but a SCAM.

Hell, with broken promises like that, I may as well vote Democrat.

Posted by Dave at 6:03 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 June 2010 6:51 PM PDT

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