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Dave's 2A Blog
Thursday, 13 May 2010
Your assignment in Constutional study- read this crap and analyse it
Topic: Constitutional

The Tri Cities herald is foaming at the mouth with its Communist Big Govt  drivel again under the guise of a Public Forum. Of course, people with empty heads full of opinions who want to look relevant will chime in with all sorts of Un Constitutional and illegal, immoral, irrational trash as they always do.

 Read it, if you can keep from puking. Ill post the "low-lights"



Editorial Preview — May 13-19

Our frustrations with the functioning of government at various levels is providing plenty of fodder for editorial topics in the coming week. We’ve also noticed some positive developments worthy of comment. As always, you’re encouraged to jump into the conversation.

Benton County commissioners — We’re writing this one for Thursday. Before deciding major policy issues, why don’t’ the commissioners take a deliberate approach that includes full participation of stakeholders and the public? On both the potential fairgrounds sale and the future of the bi-county health district, they’re failing the engage in the discussions needed to make informed decisions....<snip>

Attorney General mulls Miranda rights revision — The war on terror is different than any other war in our history. We’re not fighting a nation but an ideology, so the old rules don’t apply. How can we rewrite the standards for terrorist suspects to serve both our national security and our democratic ideals?


What a load of goat roping! This crap is known as "straw argument" and isnt asking questions, its deceitful and evasive tactics to plant ideas in peoples minds. It's called DIALOGING TO CONCENSUS. Never mind that: 

a.) most of them dont have minds of their own or they wouldnt fall into traps like this in the first place

b.) the crap theyre spreading is UNCONSTITUTIONAL 

Read the Wiki on "straw argument" then read the editorial. Then read Miranda and the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution. Yes, Miranda was a ruling, but its based in the Fifth Amendment. ALL LIMITATIONS ON GOVERNMENT ARE. 


Here are my responses, of course, they'll delete them. I've been kicked off The TCH, WSJ and Reuters websites for my Free Speech.  Yes, the Tricycle Herald retaliates against those who speak out against them like any other good Communist-sympathizing organization does. I posted those details earlier on this Blog.



"The issue of Miranda rights for terrorists is taking an early lead in the polling. We're guessing the interest expressed here is representative of the broader community"

That is a "straw argument" thats borderline treasonous:

In violation of presumption of innocence
Generally contrary to the Fifth Amendment and specifically Miranda.

RIGHTS are not something that Government grants. They are reserved to the People, not Govt, corporations, stakeholders, NGOs or newspapers.

Wiki defines straw argument as based on fallacy based on misrepresentation which, here, is a deliberately false initial premise that ACCUSED terrorists have no/diminished rights based on an ACCUSATION.

They are not terrorists until proven so by a COURT."

There are two "straws" here (false/misleading arguments)

1.) "The war on terror is different than any other war in our history"

Off topic (red herring) . The topic is not "war" it is "arrest" and there is no cause to change it for one individual.

2.) "We’re not fighting a nation but an ideology,"

No, idealogies cant make bombs and shoot guns. People do

3.) "old rules don’t apply"

The agenda of Big Govt Liberals is to destroy Peoples Rights. Since that is not possible within the restraint of Government by the Constitution, faux arguments have to be sold to people. This summary is predicated on two false arguments before and if People arent aware of the Constitutional limits placed on Govt, they may fall for these slick fables.

The root problem from 1.) is the utter incompetence of Govt to "protect us" or prosecute crime. The system fails repeatedly so in a useless attempt to gain some hold on a criminal, we invent more laws and rules to try to hang on them. The Police failed their PAST legal duty (Miranda was in force when they arrested him) and are attempting to blame someone else for their failure. Since they failed their legal duty, HE'LL GET OFF.


"Before deciding major policy issues, why don’t’ the commissioners take a deliberate approach that includes full participation of stakeholders and the public?"

Because they dont want to. Because the People have ignored the process for too many years and paid no heed to Govt working (or not working) and the Corporations, "stakeholders" and others not guaranteed Representation have taken over - theyre called lobbyists and special interest groups.

"Stakeholders" have no say, they are not Citizens.

The question itself is improper, it should be:

"Why dont (whatever representative, County, State, Congress...) determine the will of the PEOPLE, then DO IT.?

They only want feedback when it suits their agendas. Any and all of them.


Another problem for those of you who CAN think. "These people" (the outgrouping fallacy at work- us vs them - divisionary tactic) are NOT TERRORISTS.. Terrorists want to make people afraid. A terrorist puts a fake bomb in front of the Post Ofice.

These people are MILITARY OPERATIVES. They dont want people afraid, THEY WANT THEM DEAD. They use REAL BOMBS.

Posted by Dave at 3:47 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 13 May 2010 3:57 PM PDT

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