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Dave's 2A Blog
Friday, 7 May 2010
LOVE THE LIE - the non event in NYC
Topic: General politics

Bleating sheep, willing accompli in covering up Government incompetence are repeating the chant:


"The Police and Govt stopped a bombing in NYC"

 They did not, for two reasons:

1.) No one "stopped" anything, no one knew there was anything in the SUV until IT WAS TOO LATE. It was only detected AFTER smoke came from the vehicle.

2.) THERE WAS NO BOMB. Propane tanks, especially grill tanks, are DESIGNED NOT TO EXPLODE. They are transported in vehicles. Vehicles have accidents and catch fire. Propane tanks are designed to VENT propane (vapor in the case of grill tanks) and thus prevent explosion. There is no way firecrackers and gasoline will cause a tank to explode. 

Watch it happen: 


Beginning about 1:00 the tank vents and flame shoots out. Eventually after being ENGULFED in flame the tank apparently explodes, although no pieces are visible being blown out. The tank more likely ruptured or the valve came off. The difference is that THIS TANK HAS PLENTY OF AIR AVAILABLE TO BURN. The tank enclosed in an SUV DOES NOT. Propane (any fuel) requires AIR to burn, where does it get it from INSIDE a vehicle? 

See a 250 gallon tank vent (and see the water vapor HELP the combustion...):


Then watch this tank deliberately set with fuel underneath. Watch the water ACCELERATE the fire (the flame intensity increases and shuts the camera iris down, the scene goes dark)


watch the tank vent at 2:00. It cannot explode unless the heat is so great that the propane pressure radically increases beyond the burst strength of the tank, or the escaping vapors contribute to the fire (self heating).  Notice the water doesnt put the fire out in any case. This tank is engulfed in flame, the water spray is accelerating the flame, and it still doesnt explode because ITS DESIGNED NOT TO.


The word "bomb" indicates two things  1.) explosion 2.) detonation

The combustion that is the explosion must travel at some minimum wave front speed which, if memory serves, is about 8000 meters/second to qualify as a detonation. Its been some time since I read about this, that figure might be incorrect, but you get the idea.

 This was not a bomb. If the entire vehicle was doused in gasoline and set alight, the tank might explode. Maybe. Worst case, a big fire.

 But, the Wiling Accomplii in the Media have to make the non-incident sound grand and dangerous to support the Govt position that they are in control and protecting us, when they are NOT.

 People in Govt in the "protect us from terrorism" business arent RELEVANT if nothing is happening, and short of deliberately CAUSING a disaster (Waco, for example) by creating a crisis then filling a need, they must blow a non-event like this out of proportion.

Of course, they ALLOWED him on a plane where he could have blown IT up.

Thanks, Jack Booted Janet, I REALLY FEEL SAFE NOW. 

Posted by Dave at 8:44 AM PDT

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