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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 15 April 2013
A lying anti gun troll set straight!!

From a friend in FL, who just happens to be a FFL... 


" As I was driving back from Home-depot today, we my standard load of wood for another project, I saw 10 protesters standing on the sidewalk in front of our little city hall building; that is correct 10 no more no less, led by a wimp dude in a pink shirt, holding signs, which were all printed exactly the same, so it showed organization. They were protesting to end gun violence; naturally I couldn't help but stop. I politely asked a question concerning their signs: How do you propose this: The answer vague at best, was what I expected: Background checks nation wide, end the gun-show loophole, and the Internet loophole etc. When I explained that there was no loophole in regards of the Internet; the pink dude, became very agitated, and started shouting at me to leave, calling me a supporter of murder, ever so yelling louder and louder, hope to draw attention to us. When he saw no one was really paying him any attention except the women, and old senile men there, he asked how do I know that: That’s when I handed him one of my business cards: IT WAS PRICELESS. I also added that I never knew guns were violent, my firearms weren't violent, they have never even spoken to me, and what about knife, and golf clubs, and baseball bats, and rabid aardvarks; yes I did say that, it throws them off track real quick. It was speechless, had that deer in the headlight stare, I turned aground, saying good day, got back into the truck, and headed home. I went into my armory and asked if any of my firearms had anything they wanted to say to me; they still haven’t responded back. "

Posted by Dave at 11:22 AM PDT

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