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Dave's 2A Blog
Wednesday, 27 February 2013
MAYBE SOME GOOD NEWS!!!! (...maybe)
Topic: General politics

There just MIGHT be a real Representative in --- Im about to make a false statement, keep the next phrase in mind as you read this-- "our District" --keep that phrase in mind, its false- (meaning WA State Legislative District 8).

 I'd emailed our non Representing Representatives Klippert etc and someone named "Sharon Brown" who was apparently put in place of Delvin (LET the door hit you in the ass on the way out for lying to me...)

 No loss there...

I'd written to all of them about the un Constitutional gun laws in this State and also the attempt to overturn the Subversion law.

To my utter shock and disbelief, the phone rang Sunday and Sen. Brown was on the other end. She had called to tell me that she supported the Second Amendment and she had a CCW permit.

 I have to somewhat apologise for throwing a wet blanket on her enthusiasm, but I had no choice but to tell her that her CCW permit was her participating in an UN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

CCW permits are UN CONSTITUTIONAL because they infringe on a Citizens Rignt to Keep and Bear Arms even temporarily.


 She said something about "Constitution giving rights" and I explained that it did no such thing.

She seemed surprised by both statements. IN her defense, I was surprised that I DIDNT UNDERSTAND IT EITHER, and if you read this Blog carefully, I have Blogged that discovery process.

 I didnt get it because I didnt care. I changed that.

  I explained that the Constitution does not grant Rights, it FORBIDS the Legislature to make gun laws and the WA Legislature DID SO ANYWAY.

All of 9 RCW with the exception of subsection 290 (or is it 291, the pre emption portion) is UN CONSTITUTIONAL and that makes 290 irrelevant.

Id mentioned being interested in floating a Petition to overturn 9 RCW and she agreed it was a good time to do it, and people were really stirred up over the matter (paraphrased)

Why doesnt SHE voulenteer to enter that as a Bill?

 BUT, Im happy to say SHE CALLED!!



 And what about the false statement about 'in our District?"

These people who supposedly "represent us" are NOT IN OUR DISTRICT, they are hidden away in Olympia (or substitute your State Capitol where your supposed Representatives hide out in) and almost entirely REPRESENT THEMSELVES.

Sorry, but showing up glad-handing at the twice yearly Constituent meeting that most people know nothing about, with 50 people IS NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE.

 Theres a link on this Blogs front page:

that is to a Youtube video about 'non representing representatives'

Back in the 1700s, when the population of the States was small, it was no  problem for the People to choose a REPRESENTATIVE to REPRSENT THEM.

Its no problem to have a meeting with 1,000 people present and poll them.

The puropse of a Representative is to then take that Vote to the Legislature and cast it AS IF THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES WERE CASTING IT.

They dont do that. Proof- if so, theyd have a Constituent meeting for EVERY BILL.

Showing up twice a year does NOT constitute "representation."

They represent themselves in a twisted, sick and convoluted method of first agreeing to REPRESENT A POLITICAL PARTY CORPORATION to get on the Ballot, then promising to represent people WHO VOTED FOR THEM, and NEITHER IS DOING THEIR JOB.

Their job is to represent ALL the people AFTER the election.

Ive been saying that for several years now, someone has finally picked it up, or figured it out on their own, I dont know which, and that idea of all places ended up on ABC (American Broadcasting of Communism) a week or so ago.

With populations in the millions it is not possible for a Rep to directly poll all Citizens. It HAD BEEN possible by mail to do so, apparently no one wants to do so.

With computer technology its EASY.

Time to do it. Since its not a matter of voting for a Representative, security is not as large an issue. That last sentence was somewhat sarcastic considering the clear and admitted voting fraud in the last election(s) with rigged voting machines and Oba-Mao supporters claiming they voted more than once.

Such persons should be in JAIL.



Posted by Dave at 8:52 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 27 February 2013 9:15 AM PST

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