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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 31 January 2011
Gregoires deplorable conduct
Topic: General politics

this Bravo Sierra story about governor Tax and $pend:

OOHHHHH, she "ordered" something. Wow, Im impressed....


My comments, which youll find insightful or inciteful as you please:

First Class Liar at work:

"Our correction system exists to end crime and violence, not to be a scene for more of it," Gregoire said."

1.) If you're going to lie, make it a good one. Be convincing, repeat it often, people start to believe it. Like Eddie Murphy said in Beverly Hills Cop - "why F up a perfectly good lie..."

2.) The so called 'criminal justice system" is PROVEN FROM FBI DATA to CAUSE REPEAT OFFENDERS.


Yeah, thats it, put the INEXPERIENCED criminals in with the PROS so they can learn better how to do crime when theyre sprung.

As I was told (ex-LEO source), FBI data puts re-offense at 94% which would be virtually ELIMINATED by stopping the WAREHOUSING and doing MEANINGFUL corrections like PUTTING THEM TO WORK.

If they were WORKING in the first place, they wouldnt have TIME FOR CRIME.

Mandatory, productive WORK, not warehousing with TV and weights and access to hardened CAREER criminals.

Heres the idea, kick a few criminal Aliens from Mexico, back to Mexico, and these folk would have jobs to truly rehabilitate them.

But, that doesnt keep the PAY TO PLAY legal system working, does it? Who makes MONEY on a 94% re-rate:

Police make money cha$ing them
Court$ make money having trial$
Jail$ make money warehou$ing them

and the GIVERNOR and LEGISLATOR make money keeping the legal ball rolling instead of STOPPING such problems.

As long as its a motive of CRIME FOR PAY on both sides, it will continue.

But Governor Tax and $pend finds a convenient $capegoat in this poor guard who got taken out.

 and this===========


"First guard to be killed in a century there. And now all of a sudden there are concerns about the "safety" of the staff there? Seriously? One isolated incident and it's a huge problem?"

EXACTLY. Thats called an "agenda"

same as stupid laws like seat belt (pay off for insurance companies) and cell phone laws. Stupid, not enforceable, not evenly enforceable laws to keep the Legi$lature busy.

[Heres whats so stupid about WAs Cell phone law. The act of holding ones hand to ones ear talking is not dangerous. Being an expert in comms systems, I can say thats no more dangerous than operating a CB radio, which they EXEMPT. Hows that more dangerous than simply holding ones hand to ones ear and talking? Is the weight of the phone a danger?

 Whats dangerous is looking at a key pad to type in PHONE NUMBERS or TEXTS.  But, did they address that???? no, because they cannot CATCH IT AND MAKE MONEY AT IT.

If the law wasnt written by IDIOTS, it would read that whats illegal, in that its dangerous, is using the keypad, which requires concentrated attention off the road, and hands off the wheel. If it wasnt written by IDIOTS, theyd realize that its the SAME DANGEROUS ACT to DIAL A NUMBER, regardless of whether its hands free or not.] 

When they have an agenda, they go looking for a single tragedy to usurp to fit their political agenda. If someones killed, so much the better, it just adds "urgency" or a sense of "she cares" to the Bravo Sierra line shes pushing.

Children do this sort of thing, think back to Grade School and recall these behaviours are something we should have outgrown in the Fifth Grade.

Liberals always run the same plays, otherwise known to Psychology and Public Speaking as:

1.) overgeneralization (if its true in one case, its true in all)
2.) ad-hominem (attacking the man, not addressing the argument)
3.) red - herring (evasive response)
4.) various manipulation games (trying to draw others into ones personal manufactured crisis is the basis of how manipulators work)

Seriously, pick up a Psych textbook and read, its all there.


Theres a sideline game going on here you may have missed!

This trash ends up on Yahoos front page and when I post reasonable responses like this, the story usually disappears.

embarassed, are we? embarassed to see the inbred STUPIDITY in this State. 



Posted by Dave at 5:09 PM PST

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