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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 24 January 2011
THIS is terrorism...
Topic: General politics

take a look at THIS:

Ignore the divisive, subversive, manipulative, fearmongering ranting of the US Government attempting to INVENT a terrorist threat in the US (that doesnt mean that none exists, read carefully).

When you see THIS happening, youll KNOW without a doubt that its 'terrorist time'

One can only cry "wolf" so many times... 

This from Time, for your consideration

 When its "Muslim militants" wreaking havoc in the US, BELIEVE ME, YOULL KNOW IT.

Until then, its the Gubmint carrying out its protection racket to keep itself in a job by making people afraid. 

 If I dont catch a cold, then medicine is not protecting me. If theres no terrorist threat, then Givernment is not protecting us.

I have zero faith in their abilities to do so IF and WHEN it does happen, as self centered, incompetent and ass covering as Gubmint Agencies are. Katrina, anyone? 



Posted by Dave at 10:03 AM PST

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