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Dave's 2A Blog
Monday, 17 May 2010
WSBA Agrees with Lawbreaking City Attorney - refuses to investigate Grievance
Topic: WA Illegal

Jut in- final response from the WSBA refusing to do anything about the clearly unlawful acts of Lampson and the City of REICHland in re their ILLEGAL, PREEMPTED AND REPEALED City Ordinance banning weapons in Amon Park.

 Not that I expected a CABAL to do anything but cover its own ass.  Theyre all in it together, including the PRO 2A ATTORNEYS in WA State WHO LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH TO ME. The So called NRA Attorneys who refused to take action. The so called "Washington State Gun Lawyer" who lied to me, stating he would take this on, then later refused to when he found out I wanted to take action with TEETH in it.

 The Bar has covered up Lampsons illegal and improper (under the Court Rules) actions in aiding his Client (Richland) in making the ILLEGAL, PREEMPTED and REPEALED Ordinance.

He, as Respondant, did not respond to the (charges, accusation, allegation, use whichever word is appropriate) that I made, rather, employed red herring to evade them, by simple citing the history of the matter and ignoring the pointed, documented allegations I made with clear references to the Courts Rules which hold those actions as improper.

Is it not unconscionable for an Attorney to aid his Client in doing something clearly FORBIDDEN by law?

 Apparently in WA it isn't.

  Ive scanned and posted all the WSBA documents on the front page here:

for your response of "did you expect anything else"

To wit I reply as Ecclesiastes wrote:

"Don't be surpised when one is corrupt, and the one above him helps cover it up."

I'm not...

Posted by Dave at 2:50 PM PDT

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