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Dave's 2A Blog
Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Publius: The Federalist 85 (August 13/16, 1788)
Topic: Constitutional

  From the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton, 1788, this CRITICAL OBSERVATION: 

" (The additional securities to republican government, to liberty and to property, to be derived from the adoption of the plan under consideration, consist chiefly in the restraints which the preservation of the union will impose on local factions and insurrections, and on the ambition of powerful individuals in single states, who might acquire credit and influence enough, from leaders and favorites, to become the despots of the people; in the diminution of the opportunities to foreign intrigue, which the dissolution of the confederacy would invite and facilitate; in the prevention of extensive military establishments, which could not fail to grow out of wars between the states in a disunited situation; in the express guarantee of a republican form of government to each; in the absolute and universal exclusion of titles of nobility; and in the precautions against the repetition of those practices on the part of the state governments, which have undermined the foundations of property and credit, have planted mutual distrust in the breasts of all classes of citizens, and have occasioned an almost universal prostration of morals)


WERE THERE, FOLKS.  And just after that section, why it is imperative we preserve theUnion. Just because the bath-water is dirty, we dont throw the baby out. Just throw the dirt out!

Our Political processes have been SUBVERTED by Leftists pushing a Utopian agenda (Government can make everything all-right with Socialism) and the means to that suversion is this:

The representative democracy principle, and in fact, practice, has been subverted to "pick one of two parties, at least appear to have support of the People as evidenced by their majority vote (last Presidential election) at a time where all that is being voted on is WHO is elected, then transfer that vote to all succeeding legislation and process, where that is not acceptable, the VOTE must continue. The PARTIES are being voted in, not PEOPLE (elected Reps). Elected Reps are taking their platform as a mandate to then go vote in some direction instead of polling the People (who were the Electorate, but are, after the Election, not Electorate but Constituents) on each and EVERY ISSUE.

When the Nation was formed, it was a simple matter to poll the People and send a Representative, the land - area a population was small. Until recently, this was somewhat more difficult as the population has become very large in comparison to the communications abilities. Now with COMPUTERS its easier than EVER to poll the People. Computers are everywhere. 

Posted by Dave at 9:17 AM PST

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